Sri Ramajayam

Aanjeneya Swamikku Jai

Vikraman Swamijikku Jai.

With the blessings of Swamiji, once again I am summarising my experience with the assistance of his divine hands.

Part 29


Since Swamiji and Amma came and stayed with me I feel more of their divinity and love. Living for each other is a great story when Swamiji narrated about my wife and me has got into my mind and soul. When I hear about my wife’s health I become very unhappy. In shear frustration she behaves very angrily. I do not want her to fall sick and need her very much in my life I pray to Swamiji to take care of her. My wife’s softness cannot be seen at anytime because she always throws around her toughness. I pray to Swamiji to take care of her health and do not want her to have any illness and suffer in her life. Swamiji know what is my prayer. Since Swamiji is with me I have everything in my life but my family priorities are different. So through me I request Swamiji to provide all what my family needs. Since Swamiji is my GOD I know He would take care of my wishes and continue to keep me happy.



One day Swamiji said he wants to go for a pooja to take him over there. That particular day I had to finish my accounts close and hand over the reports to management. I politely asked Swamiji,


Self       : Swamiji is it possible for me to join you at the pooja after I finish my accounts.

Swamiji : Oh sure. You finish your work and join me I will go with Rao.

Self       : Swamiji you know my pressure today. Please finish the work faster and


Swamiji: I am with you, do not worry.


Amma gave me breakfast and I went off to work.


Around 6pm my phone rang,


Swamiji : Natesan how is it going.

Self       : Swamiji you know I am really tight Swamiji.

Swamiji : I will help you. Now I am leaving to (1) devotees home.

Self       : Ok Swamiji, moment I finish I shall call you and come over there.

Swamiji : Ok all the best. Amma and I are going finish your work and call me.

Self       : OK Swamiji.


Around 8.30pm my phone rang,


Swamiji : Natesan how is it going.

Self       : Swamiji still not over.

Swamiji : I know. Now I am leaving this place and going to (2) home. When you finish

                call me.

Self       : OK Swamiji.


Around 11pm again my phone rang,


Swamiji : Natesan what is happening?

Self       : Swamiji you know what I am doing I must finish this work tonight.

Swamiji : I know. Now I am leaving this place and going to (3) home.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.

Swamiji: When you finish your work call me.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


Around 1am again my phone rang,


Swamiji: Natesan I am leaving now to go home. What time are you coming?

Self       : Swamiji I have little more.

Swamiji: One minute talk to Amma.

Amma   : Did you eat.

Self       : Amma I had something.

Amma   : Come home soon. Talk to Swamiji.

Self        : OK Amma.

Swamiji: Natesan come home faster. 

Self       : Swamiji please go to sleep. Moment I finish I will come.


Around 1.30am my phone rang.


Swamiji: Natesan we are in your house. What time are you coming?

Self        :  Swamiji, may be 30 minutes time. You go to sleep Swamiji. 

Swamiji: Ok Natesan we are going to sleep.

Self       : Good night Swamiji.

Swamiji: Good night.


I left office around 2.15am and reached home by 2.30am.


I came out of the elevator took out the key to open the door, door automatically opens. My majestic Swamiji was standing in front of me.


Self       : Swamiji how come You did not go to sleep?

Swamiji: I was waiting for you to come. Did you finish the work?

Self       : Yes Swamiji, where is Amma.

Swamiji: Oh she has gone to sleep.

Self       : You also go to sleep Swamiji. I shall pack your things.

Swamiji : We can do it tomorrow. Already it is late.

Self       : Swamiji I cannot sleep now. I am fully awake. Instead of waiting till last minute

                I can pack the bags tomorrow we can do final packing. 

Swamiji: I will help you to pack.

Self       : No Swamiji I can pack alone.

Swamiji: Ok you pack and I will watch.

Self       :  Swamiji, You sleep I will pack carefully.


How Swamiji would listen to me. He was giving me the items for me to pack.


Self       : Swamiji what is that smell from the kitchen. Did Amma keep something to boil and

               forgetfully gone to sleep.

Swamiji: I do not know.

Self       : Swamiji let me see what it is.


We both went to the kitchen. I saw Amma preparing some food.


Self       : Amma what are you doing.

Amma   : Did you eat?

Self       : Yes, Amma ate something.

Amma   : When my son is hungry how can I sleep?

Self       : Oh my God Amma. I am not hungry.

Amma   : You are packing the things so go and pack I will finish it now and you can eat.

Self       : Ok Amma.


Self       : Swamiji what and what drama today that I am witnessing.

Swamiji: Ok let us finish the packing.

Self       : Ok Swamiji.


We finished the packing and amma got the food to the table.


Self       : Amma let me weigh these bags and then I will eat.

Swamiji: How are you going to weigh this bag? It is too big and heavy.

Self       : You are there, we can weigh it. Swamiji I shall lift this bag. Please push the weighing

                scale towards my feet and after I get on top please see the weight ok.

Swamiji: Ok.

Self       : Swamiji what is the weight.

Swamiji : xxxx. Now what to do.

Self       : I am putting the bag down. Now my weight is XXX

Swamiji: So net weight is 43 KG’s

Self       : Swamiji, this bag is little heavy we will put through the bags in such a way no problem

               should be there.


Swamiji said to amma,


Swamiji: Natesan is very strong he has lifted 43 kg’s alone.

Self       : Where I am carrying Swamiji it is You who is carrying my weight.

Swamiji: Correct but you are strong.

Amma   : Let him eat and go to sleep. Tomorrow morning when we are sleeping again he has to

               go to work.

Swamiji: Sure Natesan wash your hands and come.


I had the food with disbelief how Swamiji and Amma are taking care of me. I am really gifted to have both of them. After eating both were waiting for me to take bath and come out. Afterwards, they blessed me and went to sleep.


I could not believe what a drama unfolded in front of me as if it is noting. My father and mother are with me in my Holy Father and Mother’s form.



With my Finance director’s request when I went to another office to look at an issue. I was talking to a person about the issue and found instead finishing off they had been postponing due to that the issue itself they could not identified. These days with Swamiji’s blessing I am able to identify problems quickly. For a question swiftly I replied as “when we see illusion, we get confusion. With the confusion, we have tension. With tension, our peace, get into pieces.” This person asked me whether I attend any philosophy class. I laughed and said when my Swamiji is there why I have to attend anything. Swamiji is there to teach and show me. Then I saw on his computer Shridi baba photo, when I asked whether he believe Shridi Baba he told me yes and he goes to Shridi to visit. He asked me whether I have been. I replied as Shridi Baba in the form of my Swamiji visit me so I have the complete blessing from my Swamiji and explained very little of my experience with Swamiji. He was flabbergasted. I am really blessed that divine presence of Swamiji and Amma fell on me. I never dreamt that all what is happening in my life would ever happen. When I leave everything to Swamiji how beautifully He plans and guides me to perform. Wherever I am, when I think of Swamiji and say my problem He takes over the problems and ease off everything.


When I arranged my place for pooja I was at ease. Every time I have the pooja in my house I change the cloth what used to be on the chair of Swamiji. After I change the cloth after few minutes I noticed some oil patch on the cloth and it was expanding in size. When we were about to start the pooja I could not bear the sight. I became nervous and another changed the cloth again and said this is the 3rd cloth for the day and be happy. It was the piece when Swamiji comes to my house pooja sits on. I did not understand why today it was happening like this. That day we sang the song “Chinna Chinna Patham Vaithu” for the first time. When we sang the words “Vanna Vanna Udai Uduththu” I realised what Swamiji showed as special presence. For those who do not understand Tamil language  “Vanna Vanna Udai Uduththu” means “wearing different colour dresses”. How actions were appropriate to these words.


One Friday when I woke up I felt my air conditioner had stopped working. I was feeling very warm. I called the watchman on his room phone and also mobile phone. Both ways I could not reach him. I checked the circuit breaker, it was perfect. I moved thermostat control no way it was engaging. Even though I do not understand any mechanism of A/C I looked at Swamiji and asked “I do not know what you had done to the a/c now I am just going to pull the thermostat control and see what the problem is. You do something ok”. As my listening God, He heard what I said and took His remote control and moment I pulled the thermostat control He made the central A/C start. My mouth in ecstasy uttered Oh! Lord Swamiji You are such a wonderful GOD. He continues to prove, ask thy shall be given. Always He leads my life and gives everything, when I am at standstill I shall ask and He does.


On 30.3.2001 morning when I called Swamiji and asked about my wisdom tooth cavity and the unbearable pain He really joked with me and said just leave it. (As written in part106) He took out the pain in few hours and later dates made me to feel the pain 3 more times. Every time with different plea to Him I got cured in minutes. At times I was getting scared whether it will break up and how doctor can remove remainder. Since it is lower wisdom tooth it is sunk fully with only a small portion could be seen. Still I was having my food from that side only. I was consoling myself with “You told me to just leave that tooth and I left it. You know my worry. Do not make me to suffer with any pain. You should not make it to break and later have complications.” Beginning of year 2005 when I narrated the whole thing to the devotees’ in a pooja, Swamiji was smilingly listening. During the past few days I felt that the tooth had broken into two pieces but it is still attached to each in one corner. Flesh was aching a little. I did not dare to look that side. These few days food particle get stuck and I was worried while cleaning it out. At times I was thinking why I did not ask Swamiji what to do with that tooth.

It was on 24th Aug 2005 I was having peanuts. I am fond of these nuts. While I was chewing it one piece went in between the problem wisdom tooth and gum. This piece gave me a hard time. It would not come out. I tried to push it with my tongue gargled with water nothing happened. Since the decayed tooth was sharp it was very uncomfortable. I prayed to Swamiji to care of it. Nothing happened. Finally after nearly 3 hours agony the piece slowly came out. I took the piece smilingly I said to Swamiji this tiny piece gave me such an agony. In future I would not eat my food from my right side. Instead I would eat from left side only. I do not want any more agony like this ok. My Swamiji has his game plan for me which I was not aware at that moment.

Next day when I was having my lunch in office with my HR friend all of a sudden I bit something solid on the right side and screamed Swamiji and in pain my eyes started to trickle tears. My friend asked what happened. I said one minute and thought I bit a stone. I managed to get the piece out from the food. My eye tear started to stream down in joy.

Yes, my Swamiji as promised took care of that wisdom tooth till that day and without making it to decay pulled it out as one piece. Then I said to my friend let me wash off my mouth because blood must be streaming out. After gargling I did not find any blood coming out. I was really surprised. Went into the canteen and narrated to my friend what happened to my wisdom tooth. From day one of the problem this friend knew my wisdom tooth problem. When he saw the tooth he could not believe. When every one have problem to pull the wisdom tooth either it break up or doctor has to pull it with some struggle by cutting open the gum, here my Swamiji has made the full tooth to come out without breaking up. I had my lunch and was thinking how great my Swamiji is.

Evening went home and took a torch and in front of the mirror tried to see the place how blood was not coming out. Shocking to me the place where my wisdom tooth was positioned I found a tiny hole. That is the reason there was no blood. What a wonderful surgeon is He?

After my bath went in front of Swamiji with tears (of course) how did you do such a clean job of pulling my tooth out? Now Swamiji became my dentist too. Devotees since I am writing this experience exactly nine years after it happened by now Swamiji became my doctor and by praying to Him I am getting cured. My family doctor knows that I check with her what sickness a symptom leads to after that I go missing. My next visit she never fails to ask how did your Swamiji cure?

For me Swamiji is a great dentist.  


What a divine God sits with me all the time. It is a great joy to enjoy Swamiji’s blessings. After, He came into my life what lot of changes. If not for Him, I would not have experienced all what happens now. Some want me to leave divine style and face devilish style. The people who enjoy Swamiji’s planning and protection are they crazy to choose different path. These days since Swamiji has taught me patience and simple life which leads me try to avoid getting angry. At times I feel like bursting but thinking of Swamiji my anger subsides. In anger wrong words can be uttered by me. Swamiji’s ways have developed me even in anger to use words sparingly and not to hurt others but these souls does not understand Swamiji’s blessings towards me. When I get angry makes the others happy and these days at the peak of boiling point when I smile makes others unsettled.

I am ready to give up anything but not my Swamiji and Amma. Of course my wife and children also I need. What they both showed in my life is a total lesson for rest of my life. Both their presence are a divine shower in my life. I pray to Swamiji to block the intruders into my simple life to keep them away from me. In my life I do not want quantitative 100 people but a qualitative 10 will suffice to give me happiness.


One day one item was missed from the purchasing list and Swamiji knew how important it was. When I remembered and looked from the house I saw the shop (this item what I purchase from this shop is the highest quality) was open. Normally they are closed at this specific time. Prayer to Swamiji means 100% surety of happening. I wished to Him that the shop should be opened till I purchased. Initially the person was not willing to sell it because it was kept for an order. By praying to Swamiji, I said the necessity he willingly gave it to me. After I returned back to the house and looked the shop was in darkness. How Swamiji kept them opened till I remembered to purchase is His arrangement. When you plan can it be wrong in anyway. Every step of mine planned by you, and when you execute can it go wrong in anyway. Swamiji, action is yours happiness is mine.


My daughter started her degree at the University what she wished for. She ought to be happy because she understood Swamiji’s arrangement. My wife’s sacrifice of her lifestyle paid off in my daughter’s admission. What she wanted when it was not granted what arguments she gets with me. When it is granted, what kind of tension she has. I enjoy the contrast between the divine and human. Nothing disturbs me because divine plan is revealed to the extent that human plans cannot succeed. Let me enjoy the will of my lord.


Swamiji’s actions at my midnight also shows (when I call and need you are there) His presence. One night after the 16 hours of work I wanted to have the food. With His blessing I was able to prepare the food and eat. Next day night too I worked 16 hours but I asked Swamiji today I am very tired so please arrange me to buy the food. Since it was midnight I knew it was very remote that I could get our type of food. When I went to the Arabic restaurant at the entrance itself he pointed to his watch. What else I could do other than requesting Swamiji. Immediate answer was to go to a specific Asian restaurant. I asked Swamiji “I have not been to this restaurant for nearly 4 years I hope you would get good food from there”. When I reached I saw the place was being washed, very sadly I asked Swamiji, why did you do this, you know I am very tired and very hungry. You are making me to cook inside I knew I will not have the patience to cook today. When I turned and walked back, I am sure Swamiji’s action took place. Yes the owner called me back and offered to give me food. I was served with delicious food it was served in a special place also the waiter who served remembered me after this lapse of 4 years. I was stunned to see how this waiter remembered me in the midst of so many who visit the restaurant. Whole arrangement showed Swamiji’s presence. Swamiji is truly always there to take care of us at any time and any call. 

Also, with the heavy pressure of work during the whole week I am 100% sure energy level got replenished by Swamiji. Otherwise it was not possible to take this much of pressure, also to see the activities with more clarity.



When I was talking to my daughter she mentioned about astrology prediction for me. I said to her not to talk to me about astrology because my Swamiji is there to tell and do it for me. Then I described to her what Swamiji narrated about story of astrological prediction of a now 3 year old getting married later in his life. Since it would be a love marriage mother has started to worry from now. My daughter laughed at it but my wife had narrated to her who I was not aware that an astrologer had predicted I would meet with a car accident and it will affect my eye. Since she has read my experiences recently, she now remembered that was the time I escaped the accident and mentioned sure Swamiji saved my life. I hope she has now understood that not to waste money and acquire worries through the scientific predictions. What Swamiji says would definitely happen at the right time. My life planning is definitely in Swamiji’s hand. Swamiji not only never let me down but also hold me very tightly and protect me from all bad elements. Patience for that right time should occur.


One of the Kuwait pooja, Swamiji answered a sensitive question. A devotee asked “how can we forgive an enemy”? That day morning only I experienced that situation. When I heard that question I was very much interested. Swamiji said we can forgive even the enemy. I was so happy with Swamiji’s answer because He made me to pray for a person to achieve what the person want for himself. Swamiji know that I had bad feels of this person’s behaviour. Still I wished him and said I will pray to Swamiji. With Swamiji’s blessing when he achieved it, he came back and thanked me, I said to him only he has to thank my Swamiji. After the pooja when I narrated to Swamiji, with a smile He answered I know what happened in the morning. I want Swamiji to be present and make me to help people as much as I can. If it comes to cheating me, as usual Swamiji take His Gaddha and be in front of me to resolve the issue.


I heard from one of the devotee that she want to have a pooja in her house but unable to due to incapability and reason of security situation. I really felt the pain of the deprived. I picked up 7 devotees who would not be able to conduct the pooja in their house and asked them to perform the pooja in my house. One Thursday pooja was conducted by those seven devotees and when they lit my special lamp which had seven faces, I saw their faces. I am sure that joy what I saw could not be measured and made me to feel top of the world. After the pooja when I spoke to these devotees I could really get the feeling of them. With the joyous feeling I could not even think of having the prasad. I wished to Swamiji, let good wishes flow to the needy. This pooja made me to realize it is not that we should become happy by achieving what we want but by make others achieve, their happiness makes the arranging person to feel greater happiness. 


I was thinking of a person whom I did not see or talk for the past 11 years. I preferred to request him to do the work for me, hence all what I did was to request Swamiji where is this person? Swamiji’s satellite search is so powerful next day morning I saw this person walking into my office room. I was speechless and said to him I can see the POWER OF PRAYER because yesterday I thought of you and today you are in front of me. He said there was some work in my area so he thought of me and passed by. It is definitely Swamiji’s arrangement to do that work for me by bringing that person to me. Swamiji is always there to fulfill what we think of. 


I called Swamiji saying I want to visit Canada to attend my wife’s birthday. He asked me when you want to go. I said by 9th of Nov. Then He asked me how long You would be away. When I said the period He said you proceed with this booking. Immediately I went to the travel agency and booked my flight and got the ticket too.

I am very lucky to get all the protection from my Swamiji.

Swamiye Saranam, Ennai Alum Deivame Saranam.


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