Poojya Swamiji,


I write this letter to narrate the changes we had in our lives after we had Swamiji’s ‘darshan’ and blessings during his last trip to Dubai in July.

We ( my wife, two kids and myself) were in Dubai till 16th of July and we came to know about Swamiji through a good friend, Mr Ashwin Nayar. Ashwin and I had good friendly and business relations. During March 1998 while we were driving towards Ashwin’s office in Ajman, he mentioned about Swamiji and I clearly remember as soon as he reached office, he called Swamiji at Madras and sought the blessings as his birthbay was nearing. He also showed Swamiji’s photograph alongside Hanumanji which was placed in his office.

I came home and mentioned about Swamiji to my wife. From that time we wanted to seek Swamiji’s blessings. On our next meetig with Ashwin, we enquired about Swamiji’s plan when he said that He had been to Dubai only in Feb and is not expected in Dubai in the near future and we could only meet Swamiji in Madras (as we had planned our India trip in July). We were disappointed as july was far away and were too keen to have darshan, if we could, earlier.

On july 1st, Ashwin called and said Swamiji is in Dubai. Our joy had no bounds and my wife kept pushing me every hour to call Ashwin to know how to go about having darshan of Swamiji. Finally Ashwin called and said we should attend Swamiji’s bhajans at the temple on the 3rd and also have Swamiji’s blessings. Swamiji was to arrive at 1600 hours, we reached the temple much before 1530 hrs lest we miss parking and place to sit. When we reached the bhajan hall only few people were in and I personally got the chance of laying dharies for other devotees which for me was the first time and a great feeling. Swamiji arrived at 1645 hrs to full hall of devotees. In the hall he took so many names and spoke to lot of devotees before, during and after bhajans. This bhajan was my first experience ( my wife had lot of opportunities before) and eventhough I am not good singer, I think with Swamiji’s help, I had the opportunity to  sing in chorus almost all the songs.

My children and myself kept humming the bhajans all the day. After the bhajans, everyone moved to touch Swamiji’s feet and obtain blessings. My son and myself moved towards Swamiji. First my son took the blessing when Swamiji asked him which class he was in. Which he did not hear and did not answer. Then I had that great experience, which I was waiting for months to get His blessings. Swamiji gave me a photograph alongwith Hanumanji, which I carry with me all the time in my purse. Then my wife and daughter also got Swamiji’s blessings. We had greatest experience of our lives. I do not have any words to explain the feeling.

We were not content at all to our hearts full. As soon as we were driving back home, we kept saying that it was very short and we wanted more satsangs with Swamiji. When we called Ashwin next day, we were told that Swamiji has to permit us to be in his bhajans and if we are fortunate enough we will be called. We were disappointed but we said to ourselves that for great things to happen, one has to be lucky or fortunate enough and we left it like that.

On July 7th afternoon, Ashwin called and said Swamiji has called us for darshan at one Mrs Kanakaraj’s home the same day and the other on ‘Gurupoornima’ day on 9th July at Praveen’s house. We were told that the pooja at Mrs Kanakaraj’s house is expected to begin at 2030 hrs and will go on past midnight. We were not sure whether we could take our children along and also we did not want them to be left home alone during the night. As luck would have it, one of our friends and neighbour volunteered and suggested that our kids could stay overnight with them. We were overjoyed.

We reached Mrs Kanakaraj’s house much before time. Slowly devotees started trickling in. Swamiji walked in for puja at 2130 hrs and began the bhajan after lighting the “Deepam”. Swamiji then started conversing with devotees and one lady almost irritated Swamiji. I started to get nervous. But Swamiji with his profound calmness handled the situation and he continued talking to devotees. Swamiji then looked at my wife and asked who has come with her and she pointed at me. Swamiji then asked me as to what happened to my watch. I responded that the loop of the trap is broken and am looking for the right one to buy. Swamiji said “You will get it now”. Swamiji, with your blessings, I got three watches as gifted within a week by friends. I treat these watches as blessings from Swamiji himself. Swamiji then enquired about our kids and said the boy is little weak in studies but the girl is smart which was very true and we were very much worried in regard to our son. Swamiji then said that everything will be o.k. Swamiji asked me if I had any property, for which I said we have joint property. Swamiji replied I shall own the property one day. Swamiji also enquired if I know a person named Chandrasekar, I answered in negative. Swamiji then asked my wife, Lekha, where the kids were and why we did’nt get them along. We then realised that we had committed great mistake of not taking them for the ‘darshan’. Swamiji then asked my wife, whether she had any relatives in Dubai and did visit them on the previous monday. Which was true that we visited Lekha’s uncle’s house on the previous monday in Sharjah where we had gone to pick up our children. Swamiji also said that her uncle was going to meet Swamiji one day. After the bhajans, all the devotees one by one went to Swamiji for blessings. During our turn Swamiji asked my wife, whether she had frequent headache, which was true she had migrane. Lekha wanted to know about marriage of her two sisters. To which Swamiji replied that one of her sisters does not want to get married and the other one is o.k. Swamiji also said that the day was tuesday- not good to talk about marriage and asked her to come for Gurupoornima, when Swamiji will talk about it. Swamiji gave me vibhooti and also to Lekha and asked her to regularly consume it. We left Mrs Kanakaraj’s house only after midnight.

On Gurupoornima day, the pooja was at Praveen's house. This time we took our children with us. Praveen’s house was jam packed with devotees and overflowed to the corridors. Lekha and kids got place inside the room and my friend and myself were at the corridor. After the bhajans, Swamiji asked for me three times to my wife but by the time I could get in, Swamiji got talking to another devotee. Only during the time we went for the blessings, Swamiji once again asked us when we intend to buy a house and blessed us saying that everything is going to be alright. We left Praveen’s house as satisfied souls looking ahead for few more satsangs with Swamiji. We could attend only one more, which took place at the temple following friday i.e 10th july.

By the time we were destined to be blessed by Swamiji, we had decided to quit Dubai for various good reasons major being a) Canadian immigration came through b) Mom was staying alone in Delhi and we could not get her to Dubai. We could definitely take her to Canada and c) Not very happy with work front. We had almost decided to migrate to Canada. Migration to Canada meant that we should have finance to take care of us in Canada to settle, which as per information we got was 3 to 6 months. We had no money on us except the last salaries we were to get and the parting settlement were not going to come from the company I was working with. The cash we were to get was enough for our tickets to India, our travel within India and my ticket to Vancouver, Canada.

That weekend we had blessing of Swamiji, my wife casually mentioned to me to call my old  employer prior to the one I was working with and ask for settlement amount, which they had promised me earlier but the company was going through a financial crunch. I called them on a saturday and explained that I intend to leave Dubai for good and if they could do anything on my settlement. To our utter surprise they agred to settle the amount by monday, which they did and paid me AED 15,000.00. By the time, we left Dubai on the 16th july, we also got back some money we had loaned to our friends. These were miracles, which could have happened with Swamiji’s blessings. We had almost written these amounts off.

We left Dubai on the 16th july for Delhi and went to ‘Vaishno Devi’ shrine at Jammu and had ‘Mata’ Darshan. We left for Kerala to drop my wife and kids at her parents place. I reached Vancouver, Canada on the 5th August. I would like to state that I have had success after success since coming to Vancouver with the blessings of Swamiji. I got my driving license after the first test itself- that was on the 25th Aug, a tuesday. I was called for an interview with a leading freight forwarding company on the 20th august and the President offered me to give me a start in Canada, which i am sure could have happened only with Swamiji’s blessings. The company has offered me a good start, which can take care of me and my family. Swamiji, with your blessings we have bought a new car and rented an apartment, for which we paid advance and will be ready for possession by 5th october. My wife and kids are scheduled to join me during the second week of October.

We strongly beleive that only after Swamiji’s darshan and blessings a) we could get our stuck money from Dubai and respectfully land in India, b) I could manage to get a job myself, c) get my driving license d) get a car and be mobile in Canada and above all to have someone in Canada to support me during early days here, in form of my brother, which also I attribute to blessing from Swamiji.

I alone sing Swamiji’s bhajans on thursdays and sundays. I would like to know, if there are any of Swamiji’s devotees in Vancouver with whom we can sing bhajans. Our only regret is that we will be deprieved of those frequent darshans of Swamiji, if we could have been in Dubai or India. Guess one day we will also have a chance to host Swamiji in Vancouver.




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