Experience of Mr.Kannappan

My name is Kannappan and I am currently working in the U.S. temporarily. I have been going through a very depressed phase of life for quite some time both at work and at home. Also for more than 18 months we have been trying to arrange my sister's marriage and somehow nothing was materialising.

I came to know about Swamiji around August last year  through one of my friends by name Ashok Kumar who was working with me. Since then I was trying to talk to Swamiji over phone from USA to Madras. Sometime around October last year I got the blessings of Swamiji over phone. I told my worries about my sister's marriage. Swamiji told that the marriage talks will come after December/January 99. Then one match came very close around Nov/Dec, but the boy said that he doesn't want to get married now. Then we waited for 2 months and nothing happened.

Around early January 1999 or so I had some confusion on changing my job. So I was trying to talk to Swamiji over phone daily. After trying for 2 weeks or so I could talk to Swamiji over phone. He said that there will be some changes in my job.
And when I asked about my sister's marriage, Swamiji said that marriage will occur after April 1999.

Then within a few days I got an offer for a job and things are in process currently. Swamiji said the place where I am going to be living once I get that job and that happened to be correct.

Regarding my sister's marriage - my parents and my sister went to my native place to attend a function and all of a sudden my sister got engaged to the same boy who said that he wanted to marry after sometime. Couple of days back I got the message from my father that the marriage has been fixed on June 6th 1999. With Swamiji's  blessings I am sure the marriage function will go fine.

Truly speaking I have no words to express my feelings when I see things happening that was told by Swamiji well before they happened.

Sree Rama Jeyam                  Jai Anjenaya

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