T V Sanjay Mahendra
S/O T Satyanarayana Rao

My experience with Swamiji began with the seventh Hanumantha Jayanthi celebrations when my father introduced me to Him. My father is an addent devotee of Swamiji since 1992. For me, it was faith in Him from the first day itself. My life has undergone a facelift in all respects – physical, mental, academic and spiritual.


I use to mechanically fold my hands, in front of idols. After meeting Him only I could understand what devotion is.


I gained nearly 15 Kilos of weight with His grace.


I was an emotionally shattered, depressed and shy person. But to-day, I am at peace with myself with His grace. Swamiji once told me, since 1997 June I have become a calm and happy person.


It was by Swamiji’s grace, that I got admission to Bachlor of Engineering (B E) course. Even, I got a transfer from Hosur to Madras (DOTE) based Engg. College. I could feel His grace throughout the university exams I wrote.

To put it briefly, my life has flowered by the divine grace of Sri Vikraman Swamiji. The developments in my life bear testimony to His divinity, compassion and spiritual prowess.

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