Swamiji’s visit to Vancouver was the most awaited by us and full filled by Swamiji in a great manner. It shows His compassion for the devotees and the godly affection we received from Him cannot be expressed in words.

We started the work of informing people about Swamiji’s visit with a prayer to Swamiji of being instrumental to Him. The moment Swamiji arrived at Vancouver we could feel the eternal presence with us. Swamiji kept telling that He has lot of devotees here and we knew He is here to meet them and they themselves doesn’t know about it. We kept the fliers in the temples and believed that it will reach the right person without any effort. The first pooja was attended by people neither we knew nor invited. We felt that supreme power and Swami answering to those people who are sincere.  Amazingly I witnessed swami answering to the prayer of a lady who was crying in front of Jesus Christ’s photograph that she should be able to speak to Swami. We felt Swami’s every action with more depth and meaning and it is meant only for His devotee. One afternoon He mentioned a devotee’s name very causally and at night He sat talking to us till late night. That particular devotee called at that time and from the conversation we learned that He was waiting for that call because He knew she would call.

The mandir we have in the house looked so empty during His stay but the whole house was glowing with His presence. Swamiji Himself mentioned that our faces are glowing and even outsiders were telling us the same thing. We believed that not even a fly could enter the house without Swami’s consent and during the whole week we did not even get any unwanted visitor. As per my request Swami said He would talk to my mother in Kerala.  When I tried the number I got the connection and my sister said that this phone is out of order for last one week and she was wondering how I got through. I asked them to be near the phone and disconnected, as Swami was busy. Half an hour later I tried again and Swamiji spoke to my family. Later on after Swamiji left from here I called home and the phone was out of order. I tried the other telephone we have at home. I was told that the particular number Swami talked is still out of order and the only call they received during the last two weeks is Swamiji’s call. It convinced me that Swami was not talking over the phone.

Before we conclude, we would like to mention a small conversation Swami had with my nine-year-old son. His hands sweat a lot and it is difficult for him to hold the pencil for longer time. He went and asked, “Swamiji will you cure me?”Swamiji said, “I will tell Hanuman Swami.” My son answered, “you are Hanuman Swami, then why do you have to tell him?” For this swami answered with a smile, “If you say so, I am Hanuman Swami.”  We are convinced that Swami will show the reality of Him to those who recognize Him and believe and surrender to Him.



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