With the blessings of my GURUJI Shri. Vikraman Swamiji,  Shri. Shirdi Sai and Shri. Hanuman   , I would like to share with the world  my  precious and noteworthy moments with Shri. Vikraman Swami.

My father always says itís important to have a spiritual guru to sail through this ocean of life peacefully.And so it happens  that we have someone like Vikraman Swamiji amidst us  to guide us through in the righteous path. Swamijiís  philosophy in a nutshell is this :: ď We can worship GOD in any form, he appears in different form to different people. The inherent FAITH in GOD is the most important. If you take one step towards HIM, HE takes four steps toward you. ď

Iíve known Swamiji for the past six years and the way I look at him has been changing since then. Initially like a lot of impatient people I went to him to give me instant solutions to my problems.  I wanted him to work miracles in my life.  But sitting in  his Pujas has given me spiritual growth, I became a good Hanuman Devotee, Iíve become more patient and  a better person. Some people ask me ďWhat,  Swamiji talks about material things, he asks me about my car, my job etc but nothing philosophical?Ē Yes, Swamiji does  talk about cars, job, house etc.Thats because, thatís what most people want to hear  about. All our problems  now are due to material things. What Swamiji tries to establish is that ďThere is a POWER above us Who watches and knows everything we do, talk, want etc. ď He proves that by  mentioning about  things that only you know. Swamiji does this initially to build a personís  confidence and faith in LORD. Later on, depending on the individualís devotion he/she grows spiritually. Swamijiís pujaís comprises of singing Bhajanís which aid in spiritual growth . He has a very deep and melodious voice which heals your soul.

Swamiji has been travelling to the US and Canada for the past two years.He spends a couple of months here every summer.  His followers have been growing exponentially , but still he spends time with each devotee ,  offering them solace and encouragement. Yes, thatís what he DOES. He encourages you and brings out your inner courage, strength and wisdom. His patience with his devotees is admirable.

Even till the last minute of his visit, swamiji tries  to make each one of his devotee happy. It happened in my case during his recent visit here.  Swamiji was supposed to fly back on 21íst september  from San Francisco  and he had just three days in SanJose.  He had to attend to a lot of devotees who wanted his bessings.  I wanted Swamiji to visit my house and light the lamp, Iíve been planning for his visit for a long time. But  now, I wasínt sure if heíll come. But you know what, he did come and spend some time with me. Thatís his  love for his devotees.

Swamiji also appears in the dreams of his devotees and  gives some message to guide them. This is his way of protecting you.He also kindly admonishes people to light a lamp(in your puja room) in your house everyday. So, my sincere suggestion is for  people to have FAITH in GOD and  have a GURU to guide you along in  the rightoeus path.


-Sujatha Santhanakrishnan, Santa Clara

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