We are Sri Lankans, Christians,  My wife Saratha was a nursing Sister in Kuwait Oil Company and I was a Pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, Kuwait. We have three daughters, Miruna, Meera and Mathura, all of them were born in Kuwait and were studying there. We lived happily in Kuwait for about 18 years, we migrated to canada in July 1997.

It was in Kuwait back in 1995 we first met Swamiji. We had never heard of Swamiji before, our good friends Kamala and Siva invited us to their home. The problems in Sri lanka, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the future of our three daughters,  made us to consider migration. We were having UK, New Zealand and Canada in our mind. We were thinking about leaving Kuwait, children's  education, afraid of cultural changes that may affect our daughters and re-locating in a new country at a late age as ours, our job prospects there, etc., an absolute uncertainty and utter confusion.

At Kamala's residence, there was a big gathering  I was seated in an obscure corner, more of an observer, than a participant. Swamiji called our family, told us specifically some countries and names of relatives. He asked by name, of my wife's sister in law. At that time, she was free of any health or matrimonial problems. He forecasted her on coming problems. It is amazing to realize that in 1998 she was diagnosed and treated for cancer of thyroid and in 1999 her marriage ended in divorce.

He predicted us that we will go to Canada and everything will workout well and he will come and see us in Canada. After four years this had come true.

Kamala sent me an e-mail from USA, about Swamiji's visit to Toronto. This was the first meeting, there were about 60 people at Sathiyamoorthy's house. Immediately after the patha pooja, he called for the family which had come from Kuwait. He mentioned about the predication he made about seeing our family in Canada and also he remembered the place I was seated at Kamala's residence when I first saw him.

On all three occasions he asked about my job, probably he knows that I am unemployed. He asked about the new car we purchased a couple of months ago, and about the second house we had booked with the builders. We were contemplating about selling one, he told us not to sell and to keep both (actually there are two subways coming near our present house and a price hike is expected). We still own properties in Batticaloa, our home town, he told us to sell them if I wish so. He predicted a good education and good marriages to all three daughters. He also told us about my niece 27, who is a medical consultant in UK, and about her marriage arrangements. We have faith that Swamiji's blessings will come true.

On an interesting note, I have a life size photograph of my mother, we have swamiji's photograph and Mother Mary ( lady of arabia- from Ahmadi, Kuwait church ) laminated together in one sheet, he knew this, he also mentioned my nick name. We received a photograph of Shridi Baba's from Pittsburgh temple, my wife kept this near her bed, she did not know much about Sai Baba, a friend of her brought a book, the cover page is Baba with his hand raised, in a blessing pose, she did not record this image in her mind. Swamiji asked about all this and asked us why we did not bring our friend along with us. We took him on the next occasion and he too was given amazing predictions.

I took another friend Ravi, he left his shoes and his purse in our car and took only $20/- with him. Swamiji called his wife's name - who did not come, he told my friend about all these details. Swamiji also asked ravi about Mohammed and Abdullah. Ravi and Mohammed worked in Nigeria and recently Mohammed wrote a letter to ravi.

On saturday September 11, 1999, we had arranged a cricket match between two rival colleges, an annual event. The same day Swamiji had his second meeting in a temple, as the match was planned much earlier and I was in the team, I opted to play the match and skip the temple pooja. I had captained two first eleven college cricket teams, but this was the very first time I got out for the first ball - hit wicket, I hit the ball slipped and hit the wicket. The interesting part is when we attended the next meeting, once again he called me by name, asked me to come and sit in the front and asked me about my absence and also about one of our
friend going to the temple - I was told there were more than 1000 devotees in the temple.

We love his preaching of faith, we actually practised it even before we met Swamiji. We are glad to receive his blessings. We wish him well. I had posted some photographs taken in Toronto to Kamala. She will post them to Swamiji, if you do wish, you can use them in your web.

Once again I wish to thank you on behalf of my family for doing a big service and also for contacting me.

With best wishes.

Aramboo Karunanithy

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