Sri Venkatachalapathy Saranam

My parents who live in Madras had been devotees of Swamiji, much before I had met HIM. I am living in a town, 400 kilometers away from Madras, and usually to go to Madras, only business and to visit my parents.

The first time I met Swamiji, was about six years ago, at the puja. He told me things about myself, and I came back surprised.

From then, every decision in my life has been made with the Swamiji's guidance. He guides me in everything. He protects me from all my papas, and gets me to incur punyas.

He changes the hardships I have to undergo, blesses me, and inspires me. But, for his grace, I would have been a wreck. He reassures me again and again, and has more faith in me, than I ever could have. He sustains me.

There is no one who could comfort me and assuage my fears, and motivate me, like he does. HE is my matha, pitha, guru and deivam.

Swamiji is the window between conditioned and unconditioned consciousness. He is the instrument through which the creator of this Universe operates. The strength of a human being lies not in his health or possessions of power or pelf, but in his faith. Surrender to swamiji, is the only way of contentment, peace of mind, being comfortable with your own self, being your own friend, "being together", and living in the present moment, and living in god consciousness.

'Iswara anugrahath eva iswara pumsahah'. You can attain him, only through his grace. he is not the means, but the End.

P.Senthil Kumar

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