My father first heard of Swami Ji a year and a half ago, ever since my father has believed in him and has been encouraged by his comforting words. At that time Swami Ji had mentioned that he would meet his elder son(me) next year in the US.

I met Swami Ji in Chicago at the Sai Baba temple in August this year. I was on one of my overseas trips to the USA on behalf of my Company. My usual trips are very hectic and only allow a couple of days in any one city. I found it to be little more then coincidence to be in the same city at the same time. I was a little distraught about my work and was battling with myself..if this is what I wanted to do? I could think of a million other things to ask Swami Ji as I had a heard a lot about his powers.

After attending the Pooja and listening to Swami Ji's Bhajans, I felt a calm within myself. I have never experienced something like this before, The power in Swami Ji's bhajans..the power in his voice and just being in his presence was an incredible experience in itself. I have always been a believer in God but have never before experienced the divine presence that I felt at the Sai Baba that day. When it came to my turn to take Swami Ji's blessings I didnt want to ask anything at all, I just felt this increased faith within myself that everything will be Ok...there is a god and he is watching us all the time. Only good can come to good people and no wrong is hidden from God either so we shall reap as we shall sow....and bitter times only teach us a valuable lesson.

When I touched Swami Ji's feet he asked me if I know Amitabh? I said " I am Amitabh Swami Ji" AT that point Swami Ji reminded me that he had told my father that he would be meeting me here in the United States. He asked me " You want a computer ?" At the time I was contemplating switching my line from International Marketing to computer software. He further told me that by the end of this year you would be doing something you have never done before. The year has not ended and nothing has changed yet....but I know things will !

Amitabh Mendiratta

New Delhi ( India )

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