Sri Rama Jayam

I met Swamiji in San Antonio in 1998. Infact the trip was accidental. Initially I had hesitation to meet him. But I got advise from another divine person that there is nothing wrong in meeting Maha Purush. Soon after meeting him Swamiji told me that I had hesitation to meet him initially. He could read my mind exactly. There itself I understood him that he is divine. Even Rama and Krishna had attended classes taught by their Guru.  Guru Seva is Eeeswararpanam. The seva you do to Guru will be reached God's Lotus feet. God means happiness. Great Saint Aravind says that Aanandam Para Brahmam. You should count the days you lived with happinesss and that's is your's real age. That happiness I got when I met Swamiji. He blessed me that I will attend his pooja with my family in his next trip. Exactly I have met him in Chicago with my family and had a great chance to attend his pooja more than once. It's very diificult to explain the happiness I had in his presence and I forgot every thing in his presence. Satsang the congregation gives immence pleasure and the surroundings will be filled with the divine nature. One day during his Chicago trip I was thinking of a Sloka on Guru i.e Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu .... But I somehow unable to
recollect the last sentence and unable to proceed. Swamiji was staying in Chicago in one of his deciple's(a pious couple) house then. I have called first that couple and they handedover phone to Swamiji. Before Swamiji picking the phone I heard a voice some body singing sloka Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu. After completing that sloka Swamji started talking with me. Like this many I have observed in his presence. He shows a lot of affection and compassion towards his devotees. You can have a feel of your God and Guru in his presence.

Guru parama pujyaneeyam. Divine counselling possible through Guru only.

Ashok Tumuluri

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