Jai Sri ram

                      We met Swamiji in Dubai three years ago. When we went to meet him we went with no expectations and no idea about Swamiji’s pujas, all we knew is that he knew exactly every thing that happened with us. After lighting the lamp as Swamiji started talking he mentioned about my brother, who is in Singapore and told that he has already met him in Singapore and at that time my brother is visiting a temple in Singapore. He also mentioned about my sister in law, who is in Bangalore and he told that she is in Raja Rajeswari temple. Later on we came to know exactly on that day and at around the same time both my brother and sister in law were at the temple mentioned by Swamiji.  The small things he said to us imbedded a deep faith in him. Then I met Swamiji many times both in Dubai and as well as in Madras.

Sai Baba’s Photo

                      The next time I happened to meet Swamiji in Madras. He told me that after my last Puja in your house there is a photo, which is in the wrong place he also added if you find it, keep it. I immediately called my husband in Dubai and asked him to look for it. When my husband called me the next time, told that there was a Shridi Sai Baba photo lying on the floor of our car. He had given his car to a friend the previous week, who is an ardent devotee of Sai Baba and by mistake his friend has left the photograph in the car. From that day the photo is in my temple

Swamiji Advice

                    Swamiji helped me to take many big decisions easily. His just YES or NO or NOT NOW were so perfect which we realised with time. One such incident is as follows. My second son started speaking very late .I was worried about his schooling. I asked Swamiji, he calculated and told you can admit him in September 97. With Swamiji’s blessing he started talking by February 97 we waited and admitted him in September. Even in September I entered Dubai on the last day of my visa expiring and the school were making a big issue of a valid visa not being there and the last date of submitting the application was over, but Swamiji’s blessing were always there and things got sorted out.

                     I was all the time worried about my father who was alone in Madras. Swamiji has given so much confidence to both my father and me that I now have a peaceful sleep. My father has also gained a lot of confidence on his health as he used to think after his by pass surgery he could never be very normal

Swamiji’s Presence

                     Swamiji has mentioned a number of times that you can feel my presence. I am presently undergoing a face of Saturn. In a week there were many mis happening that I was very worried. That time Swamiji was here and had told me your time is no good now. He asked me to write Jai Sri Ram. Around that time I also read the Maruti Pramanam on the Internet and started reading Hanuman Chalisa on Saturdays. On the first day when I started reading in between when I turned around I saw some one at the door in white dhoti. I could see only half the body. Who else it can be other than our beloved Swamiji. A week later Swamiji happened to come to our house to light the lamp when I mentioned to him my vision he nodded and gave
a big smile. After that I have felt his presence a lot whether it is my cooking or other work. That it has increased my confidence.

Good news

                           This year in May in a big Puja Swamiji had told that you would hear some good news from your husband’s family. At that I wondered what it could be as it was around 9:00 p.m. At around 3:00 am my husband mentioned I forgot to tell you that there was a call saying his niece had delivered a baby boy. Later we came to know the time Swamiji mentioned my niece must have been in the hospital. While taking blessings we told Swamiji that we have got good news. He said shouldn’t you get more. From that day till today there has been 6 occasions when we received good news from my husband’s family.

Swamiji Arranging our car

                          Our car out of the blue started giving problems. My husband was returning from a call in Al Ain when the car got heated up.  He had to stop the car number of times and finally travelled a distance, which normally takes 45 minutes in six hours. In the middle even his mobile ran out of charge. Those six hours I was tense and praying hard nothing goes wrong.  He reached home safely and we talked to Swamiji, he said don’t buy a new car now when the time comes I will arrange.

In the next few months our car used to suddenly refuse to start, but each time it was at home it never gave problem in the middle of the road. Then eventually we decided to buy a new car and were looking at different options. Finally after lot of discussions we were entering Al Futtaim to finalise a station wagon. My husband had wished the car would be of red colour. We had checked 2 days back and the dealer had said that there is only one in green colour. As we started finalising the details the dealer punched the details in the computer and said there is only one car left and it is a shade of red hope it is fine!. What more, we were very happy and this is how Swamiji arranged the car being with us through and through. Later in one of the puja’s Swamiji mentioned that Hanuman Swamy was playing with the car ( the old one ) and the new one is good.

Making of the Bhajan Book

 My father had met Swamiji before coming to Dubai. Swamiji had told him to attend the bhajans conducted in Dubai in the Krishna temple.  During the course one devotee wanted a copy of the bhajans file my husband had. We started making in the process found there were a few corrections to be made and then we started adding a few more bhajans. The file was getting ready for printing .One evening my husband was returning from office when a lady came with Office 2000 software with her asking for a customer engineer who had left for the day. He brought it home and installed in the pc and found it had a new feature of printing four pages in one. This lead to make the bhajans book of pocket size. Some thing none of us had thought when the bhajans were being entered in the pc.

          This is just a few of the miracles which  I would to share with all .

Jai Sri Ram
Ghayathri Krisnakumar

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