Dear Swamiji,

         There is so much to write when I think of the miracles you have brought in our lives and in that of others in our very presence.  My own experiences will form a whole book of the Maruthy Pramanam.  But I cannot be so selfish.  So I will choose a few which are closest to my heart.  When I am depressed or worried I remember these incidents and I feel that I have no need to worry having placed my life at your feet. You have shown me a thousand times that God is present in our hearts and homes every second and that he knows our innermost thoughts and desires. Whenever you demonstrate this I remember Prahalada and his conviction that Lord Narasimha pervades every atom.  Similarly, You have shown us that Lord Anjaneya pervades space and is near each and everyone of us. I used to (perhapes childishly) wonder how the Lord could listen to the prayers of millions.  I have seen that now, while I cannot comprehend how and I am sure that he does.  You are visible proof of the Supreme's powers. You speak the word of the Lord and you know every smallest detail of our past, present and future.  Let me give you examples of this.

            One day, we had attended a pooja of yours at Mr.Harihara Iyer's residence.  There while talking to us you asked us about our car.  It was due for re-registration and before that it had to pass a test of fitness (ie) only if the police clear that it is fit to be driven, they will register it.  We had a problem with the axle and you mentioned it. We had not spoken about it to anybody and you said it had to be repaired.  Then you asked us about the rear righthand side light.  We said we had not noticed anything.  After taking your blessings we went down and checked the car.  We could see nothing wrong with the rear light.  We shrugged our shoulders and thought nothing of it.  After a week we patched up the axel and gave the car for testing.  The police report said that the axel was to be replaced and the rear righthand side light was to be replaced.  We were shocked.  Sure enough the light was fused.  You saw into our future to the smallest detail.  This is only a small incident perhaps in the eyes of the world.  But it was proof for me that you know everything about us and that you choose to tell us only what we ought to know.  Sri Rama Jayam.  Victory to Lord Anjaneya. Victory to Vikrama Swamiji.

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