Bowing to the lotus feet of Swamiji and with His kind blessings and guidance, I start sharing my experience.

In September 1998, when our family was confused and worried with varied problems, my mother-in-law started Hanuman Chalisa parayanam 11 times a day for a mandalam. During that period, one day we went to visit our friend Mrs. Madhavi Venugopal to whose house we were planning to visit since many months but could not pay a single visit though their house is near by. On that day when we knocked at their door, Mr. Venugopal cordially welcomed us saying "you have come in a very auspicious time!".

We were surprised with his greeting and as we entered in, we saw a person in saffron dress singing a bhajan in their Pooja room. As we are also fond of bhajans, we joined them in singing bhajans. He sang Kanula mundu, Vrindavanamum and then Harathi. After Harathi, He turned and started asking me few questions in Tamil, mentioning our street name in Mylapore, Madras, the Hanuman temple I used to visit and many other personal matters. I answered His questions, with the impression that He may be form our area in Madras and may be knowing our family. Then He turned to my mother-in-law and started asking her some similar questions in Tamil.

At that instance, I started realising that He is not an ordinary person but a Divine person knowing each and everything about everyone and without my knowledge tears started rolling from my eyes.

Since we are basically Telugu speaking, Mr.Venugopal & family were surprised at Swamiji’s conversation with us in Tamil , as they do not know that we speak Tamil. Swamiji told that Hanuman Swamiji brought us and He was waiting for our arrival due to which He extended the bhajans by singing few extra songs. He also told that the Pooja was exclusively for the Venugopal’s family members and incidentally our family name is also the same as that of Mr.Venugopal by which we also belong to the same family.

Swamiji in the Pooja repeatedly told my mother-in-law that she was counting days in Kuwait. We could not understand it because her permanent residence in Kuwait was obtained recently and she had no such plans to leave Kuwait. On reaching home, we received a message from India, asking my mother-in-law to immediately return to India for taking care of my sister-in-law who fell seriously ill and suffering with two kids. It was about this daughter that my mother-in-law was very much worried as we did not get any news from her that she started doing Hanuman Chalisa parayan.Then we realised what Swamiji meant.

This clearly implies that what we can see is only little but Swamiji can see everything. My mother-inlaw prayed to Hanuman and the answer and message were given by our SWAMIJI. Since then we started attending to Thursday Bhajans at Mr.Venkatesh’s house due to which we gained peace and prosperity with the blessings of Swamiji at every stage of our life.

Of late, Swamiji is giving messages and blessings to His devotees through chat room, which is unique in its nature. I cannot express the joy and thrill I experienced when I was also one among the few devotees who took part in Swamiji’s first live chat from Dubai. We can also see that He mentions each and every devotee by name & country and makes each of the devotees happy and blessed.

Whenever Swamiji comes to Kuwait, I have made it a point to spend more time in His pujas and noticed that He never misses out any devotee whoever comes to attend the puja. We can see many persons undergoing problems of serious nature than what we are facing and by seeing their problems resolved by Swamiji, we also feel very happy. I have so many times seen many devotees visiting Him next time with happiness by getting rid of their problems through Swamiji’s blessings. When they share such experiences, all the devotees gathered in the Puja feel so happy.

We experienced Swamiji’s grace at every instance. There are many many occasions when He made us feel that He is there to take care of us. He arranged me a job, given the best changes to my husband’s professional career, arranged Driving License for him, blessed us with car and and a good house. Swamiji is so kind to bless us by performing Grihapravesa Pooja at our present house. Every occasion was a miracle for us and I can say that today whatever we are is fully because of Swamiji’s blessings and protection.

Swamiji’s kindness, care and concern for His devotees are boundless and beyond explanation, which can be only experienced by individuals during their interaction with Swamiji.

In spite of Swamiji’s busy schedules, He kindly listens to the prayers of every devotee, blesses them individually and removes their sorrows and gives them peace of mind.

Such a kind person is our beloved Sri Vikraman Swamiji who is none other than the Lord Hanuman Himself. It is believed that Hanuman is a chiranjeevi God and we all, the devotees of Swamiji believe that Hanuman God is in our Swamiji’s form blessing and guiding His devotees.

Praying Swamiji to continue to shower his blessings to all his devotees, protect them from all evils and guide them in the path of peace and prosperity, I express my sincere gratitude to Swamiji for giving me this opportunity to share my experiences with Swamiji’s devotees.

Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji. Jai Sri Vikraman Swamiji.

Jayashree Sudhakar - Kuwait

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