Om Shri Vikraman Swamiye Namah!

Om Shri Hanumathe Namah!

Priya Swamiji,

We waited eagerly and patiently for so long, over four months for your kamal charan to grace your Dubai house that seemed to lack luster without your presence. From the moment you stepped into your house on 30th May 2001 we could feel the divine vibrations emanating. Once again the house was vibrant with divine sounds of laughter and joy. Instantly we could feel the aura of peace and tranquility around too. Swamiji, from You we derive this inner strength to face any problems and become totally free from worries as we know our dear father is here not only for us but for all his other children who have been longingly waiting for Him.

Weeks before your arrival the telephone bell starts ringing, devotees asking for their dear Swamiji. Some say "Has Swamiji come, we had a dream that Swamiji is in Dubai" others say, "Can we speak to Swamiji, our heart says He is here." Without informing anyone of your arrival many of your Bhaktas know that You are here in Dubai! Swamiji many a times you have jokingly said, "Hanuman does not fear anyone but He cannot hide from His Bhaktas." So very true. Next day we see all Bhaktas flock in with faith and love just to be in your blissful company. They just want to have your darshan, sit beside you and glance at your pure childlike smiling face and derive joy by merely being in your presence. Many devotees come in to pour out their hearts, to take your advice in various matters and to seek your assistance in solving their problems. They walk in to meet their Father, Swami with heavy hearts but each one goes out with a smile on their face – relaxed and light hearted. No anxiety, no care, no fear! What joy it is to see everyone so happy and content!

This time too we all have experienced innumerable miracles by our most loved Swamiji. I hereby recall some of them and with your blessings in simple language but straight from the heart I pen it down for other devotees to read.

Swamiji brings down Preetima’s fever in 5 minutes

The very first day Swamiji arrived Preetima was down with high fever that we were unaware of. She wore a sweater and thick socks in the heat of summer all day!! As we were so busy and preoccupied with our Swamiji we didn’t pay much heed to her. In the evening for the first time she complained about her fever. I said, "Don’t worry Swamiji is here, He will take care of you." Swamiji came into the room and immediately took the role of a doctor. He placed His divine hands on her forehead and mixed vibhuti with water for her to drink. Then He sat on the computer in her room while Preetima stood beside Him. Swamiji engrossed her in conversation and suddenly after five minutes He looked up and said, "Preetima, how are you feeling now?" By that time she had thrown off her socks and sweater and had begun to perspire. "I am feeling just great, thank you Swamiji." No shivering, no fever!


Preetima after graduating has always wanted to work in an airline and her greatest desire has been to join Emirates Airlines. She has never mentioned this to Swamiji as she feels He knows everything and till today like Alladin’s Genie Swamiji has been fulfilling all her wishes. She had not even applied anywhere for a job and surprisingly Swamiji would call her the Emirates girl. Last year when Swamiji was here, Preetima suddenly got a call from a family friend saying there was a vacancy and she should apply for a temporary post in the customer service dept. She took Swamiji’s blessings and needless to say got the job instantly. Swamiji told her that she would soon be made permanent.

A year nearly passed with no signs of her getting a permanent job and to add to her woes one fine day she got a termination letter from the company as they were closing the department at the airport. She was given a farewell along with other temporary staff members. She immediately called up Madras to speak to her saviour, dear Swamiji . Swamiji coolly replied "Don’t worry, they won’t let you go, you will be permanent." 31st June was her last working day. She got a mail of the list of employees asked to leave and she was one of them along with a note thanking her for her services. She couldn’t believe this! Swamiji what is happening! She called me up and I too was pretty cool about it and said "Look Preetima, have faith, Swamiji is just playing with you. All will be well. Maybe if not now, you may get a call later." By evening when she checked the list her name had disappeared and there was a mail for her saying that she was given an extension for 4 months much to her relief! Few days later Swamiji arrived and Preetima always said Swamiji always comes at the right time when we need Him most.

On Saturday 16th, June we were getting ready to go for Puja at Dolly Sharma’s house when Swamiji jokingly said, "Preetima, you want a permanent job, Swamiji has already arranged for you. You will fly all over the world." She left for work and we left for the Puja . While Swamiji was lighting the lamp our mobile rang. Preetima was on line all excited wanting to speak to Swamiji. We couldn’t give the phone to Swamiji at that time so we asked her what the excitement was about. She nearly screamed on the phone, "Tell Swamiji that I have been made permanent with His blessings. I have just got a confirmation letter."

We were all so happy and wish to thank You, our dear Swamiji for giving so much happiness to our dear daughter. You have always given her so much of your love and have fulfilled all her desires. We can never thank you enough for all that you have given her from the time we have come into your fold.

With your grace she was on the Deans List in college, she got her driving licence and You gave her the car she most desired at the time when we didn’t have enough money to pay for it. You arranged the payment for the car and so we could buy it. And now the job she always longed for.

But most of all the love and affection she has received from You is the Most precious gift to her.

Remember children, whenever Swamiji jokingly tells you something take it seriously as it is bound to come true!

We always tell Preetima, Swamiji has a special corner for you in His heart. Not only for Preetima but all His children whom He loves dearly. He takes care of one and all equally and fulfills all their hearts’ desires, be it passing in exams, getting better grades or getting admission in the right university, not to forget wanting a driving licence and what comes next, a good car!

Dear children, you all are so blessed to have Swamiji to guide you this early in life something that we missed out on! He swishes His magic wand like a fairy and all your wishes are fulfilled! May His blessings take you to the heights of success with your feet firmly on the ground.

Don’t you think we also should give Him something in return. What would Swami like from you His children. He just wants you all in return to be good, do your duties sincerely, study hard and be truthful and honest. Can you give this! Then He is surely going to be with you ALWAYS!


It was a Friday evening , and we were all in absolute bliss sitting in the Krishna Temple amidst our Lord Krishna singing bhajans along with Him. We were in complete Anand as Swamiji sang Ananda Saagara Murlidharaa, Chhotti Chhotti Gaiyaan, Chillanga Katti Odi Odi Vayu, Shree Radhe Govinda and many many more bhajans. It was even a greater pleasure seeing Him sway his arms up in the air as if He was holding sticks and doing the Dhandiya. Divine vibrations could be felt throughout the evening and each and every one of us present there enjoyed watching the divine movements. While we were all enjoying, singing and clapping one of the devotees Ramakrishnan was unable to partake in any of this as his little child was troubling him a lot. He was disappointed at not having his dear Swamiji’s darshan. Not even a glimpse! But who says he was unfortunate?

After the puja I drove Swamiji home and on reaching the door I realized I had left the house keys in my bag in the Mandir (careless as I am, Swamiji I beg of you to change me). Pravin was clearing up at the temple and he would take awhile. We then decided to go for coffee to Al Ain Centre, a mall few blocks away. While we walked towards it who did we see – Ramakrishnan and Saraswati along with their two kids! They were parking their car to go to Spinney nearby but Swamiji had other plans for them. They were taken aback and we could see the joy in their faces on seeing Swamiji. Needless to say we had coffee together in the coffee shop with Swamiji and a real memorable evening. Swamiji made it so special for Ramakrishnan by giving him so much of His time to make up for what he had missed earlier in the evening. He was indeed more Blessed and Fortunate than us all! What more could he have asked for? This is our Swami who fulfils all wishes of His sincere devotees!

There was a big T.V. screen in which they were showing some leaders together having discussions. Swamiji pointed towards it and said "One day I am going to be in it with the world leaders." I am sure that day is not very far off. Swamiji. We pray that day comes soon and we can point at the T.V. and say, "That is our Swami out there, our Swami we love to the core!"


5TH JULY 2001

This Guru Purnima day was indeed so very, very special for all the Dubai devotees. This was because we could celebrate this auspicious occasion with our much- loved Guru, Sri Vikraman Swamiji in Dubai. It was also a Thursday, Guru’s day and 5th which is again a very auspicious number. We got this wonderful opportunity to pay our respects and homage to our Spiritual Teacher and to offer our heartfelt thanks to Him for comforting, protecting and guiding us in our cumbersome journey through life.

Swamiji has always said, "You don’t have to search for your Guru. Just do good Karmas and your Guru will automatically come to you." So true are your words. Even in our scriptures it is said that to attain Him one must surrender totally to a Guru. The Guru will take care of him, protect him and lead him to spiritual salvation. Worship of Guru is worship of God. Swamiji has come to us to dispel the cloud of darkness (ignorance), wipe out our fears and lead us to Light. Ultimately to self-realization! Today, we are all so fortunate to be under His umbrella. What more could we ask for?

Now I shall briefly describe within my capacity the proceedings of the evening. It is not possible for me to give you the exact picture as I am going to fall short of words. When you eat a fruit can you explain exactly what it tastes like? Only the one who has experienced it can understand and know the taste.

The Puja celebrations took place in a big Hall at 3 Saleh Bin Lahej Building. Puja started at 7.30 p.m. Bhajans were sung by different devotees invoking Swamiji to arrive as early as possible. Our prayers were soon answered. The lights were turned off and as soon as Swamiji placed his kamal charan into the hall the lights were turned on to signify the change in our lives before and after Swamiji’s arrival into our lives. The change from darkness to light! Bigger children held lit diyas in their hands while the smaller ones had flowers to welcome their Swami. Swamiji looked magnificient as ever in a white embroidered Sherwani with a jacket and matching Mojris (slippers) as He walked down the aisle strewn with rose petals, blessing one and all. Our hearts fluttered with joy on seeing Swamiji’s radiant face and the captivating smile. Our Swami looked so simple yet so powerful. (These are the words of one of Swamiji’s 10 year old devotee Ram) It was as if a bright light had entered emitting plenty of radiance. Behind Swamiji stood Mohan Sundaram holding a green decorated umbrella. He walked along with Swamiji from one end of the hall to the other. The children lovingly showered flowers on their beloved Swamiji while the whole hall echoed with the bhajan "Swagatham Swami, Sharanagatham Swami." The minute Swamiji entered, it was as if some divine energy had engulfed us all!

After blessing His devotees Swamiji lit the lamp and took His asan. Then Daya Sundaram performed the Pad Puja of Swamiji with great love and devotion chanting the mantras. While Daya showered flowers at Swamiji’s Lotus Feet we all chanted the 108 names of Swamiji – Bhagwan Shri Shri VikramanSwamiji Ashtotram Shat Namavali along with Sonu Kanakraj and Krishna Kumar at the lead What a wonderful sight it was! The atmosphere was so very divine!

This was followed by a Welcome Speech for our dear Swamiji by me. Most surprising for me too! This is the greatest miracle of my life! I have never spoken in public. Just the thought sends a shiver down my spine. Yes, with His kripa mountains can be moved, anything is possible! There I was standing in front of the Lord and His many devotees and not a trace of nervousness. Thank you Swamiji for giving me this confidence and courage. Pranams and namaskarams were offered to Swamiji on behalf of all His devotees throughout the Universe. We offered our sincere thanks to Him for helping us through all our problems be it sickness, loss of job, passing of exams, lack of progeny etc. - for being there for each and everyone of us individually on the phone, in person, through the chatroom, even in dreams, night and day, 24 hours of the day. Where can we find such care and concern? Each paragraph was followed by an appropriate bhajan. Guru Matra Pita Guru Bandhu Sakha was one of them and what made this bhajan more special was that Swamiji played the tune on the organ for all of us. What joy we experienced listening to those divine notes cannot be expressed! It seemed as though Krishna was playing the organ instead of the flute!!

Another great aspect of the evening was the experiences recounted by Deena, Saraswati Ramakrishnan and Saraswati Sundar that left us all spell bound. We all listened with great awe of the miracles they had experienced with dear Swamiji. Soon after that we suddenly felt a shower of sweets falling from above on our laps. The lucky devotees who got the sweets immediately ate up the prasad showered by dear Swamiji. A delightful sight!

Then began an endless night of bhajans till morning 5.00 a.m. Swamiji sang like we have never heard him sing before. He swayed, danced and threw loving glances at us while singing bhajans, bringing so much happiness to all His devotees. Tears of joy filled our eyes on seeing our Swami in such a playful and vibrant mood. We just couldn’t take our eyes of our Krishna!! Swamiji was "Vrindavan ka Krishna Kanhaiya sab ki aankhon ka taara." We were mesmerized by his divinity as he sang many of our favorite bhajans – Naaraayana Naarayana Naarayan,.Ananda Saagara Murli Dharaa, Chotti Chotti Gaiyan Chotte Chotte Gwal, Shree Radhe Govinda, Anjaneya Sanjeevaraaya to mention a few. We all too sang, clapped and swayed with our Lord in sheer ecstasy! Swamiji had made Vrindavan right here for us!

Each and every devotee got the opportunity to do padnamaskar and receive Swamiji’s blessings, vibhuti, kumkum and prasad. While Swamiji blessed the devotees and conversed with them we carried on singing bhajans one after the other. What anand we experienced is beyond description. How we wished the night would never end! We were wide awake till morning, selfishly wanting more and more of Swami.

As it neared midnight we had completely forgotten that a devotee of Swamiji, Nadesu was due to arrive from Canada on his way to Kuwait especially to attend the Guru Purnima Puja. He had said that on landing he would call us on the mobile and then we could send someone to fetch him from the airport. He was trying desperately to get through to us. We were all so enthralled and engrossed in singing with Swamiji that we didn’t hear the mobile ring. Swamiji, our all-knowing Guru suddenly called for Preetima, blessed her, gave her prasad and sent her home as she had work the next day. Preetima was taken by surprise as she had forgotten the time and wanted to stay on for another couple of hours as she was enjoying it all. As soon as she reached home the telephone rang and it was Mr Nadesu on line. What a relief for him to atlast get hold of someone! Preetima too tried getting us on the mobile but to know avail. She eventually got through to Gopal who gave the message to Pravin and off was sent Jairaj to pick Nadesu from the airport. Swamiji took care of His devotee Nadesu by sending Preetima home well in time to receive the phone-call. He was, thus, fortunate to attend the Guru Purnima puja with Swamiji’s grace and blessings. He partook in the celebrations and gaiety till morning.

Our souls danced with joy till the wee hours of morning. We, a handful of devotees lost all body consciousness and sang and danced in circle while we imagined "beech mein mero Madan Gopal." Swamiji continued to bless the remaining devotees. We could clearly visualize the last verse of the bhajan "Chhoti choti sakhiyan madhuban bagh, Raas rachaye mero Madan Gopal" The whole hall was echoing with sounds of laughter and one could feel the radiance of joy on each one’s face. That was the climax of the night. We felt Oneness with Him in body, mind and spirit!!

What an electrifying experience!

Alas! Like all good things come to an end so did that magical evening. If it were in my hands I would have definitely brought time to a stand still! On Guru Purnima day our dear Swami gave us more than what we could have wished for and thank Him deeply for making Guru Purnima a tremendous and memorable day for each one of us present there. The memories of which shall be cherished forever and ever and …………ever!

The next day of Guru Purnima after bringing so much of sunshine into our lives, Swamiji left for Chennai to bring sunshine into the lives of other devotees anxiously awaiting Him in the other part of the world. He has, however, left behind the sweet fragrance of His presence and warm memories to keep us going until His next arrival!

By Pravin/Sunita – Dubai

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