Sri Rama Jayam

                                            Sri Vikraman Swamiji’s Divine Guidance

     Dear devotees of Shri Vikraman Swamiji,

            As one amongst you, let me at first welcome you all and convey our Swamiji’s blessings for a very happy and prosperous New Year.

             Today is a very special day for all of us, since it is the Hanumath Jayanthi day, the New Year day and the New Moon day. Swamiji is of the opinion that such a very rare combination will be good for our country and the world.
The scriptures say " What you see, hear, feel and experience is illusion". We only see, hear, feel and experience the world around us. We do not realize the cause for all these things. History, science and religion tell us there were a few great souls in different ages and in different parts of the world who could see, hear, feel and experience that supreme being, the cause.
 Based upon our religious faiths we have different names for the supreme being such as Rama, Krishna, Christ, Allah, Anjaneya and so on. They said that the supreme being called god multiplied into everything in this universe living and non-living, time and space. Nothing happens without the knowledge of  that supreme being who knows everything of everybody. Supreme being is present everywhere, from the minutest atom to the mighty universe.

             Today we are fortunate to have Shri Vikraman Swamiji with us, who through the blessings of that supreme being called Anjaneya by us is able to establish a link through his individual mind with that universal mind. At that time, our swamiji comes to know everything of everybody and is able to give divine guidance for their problems even without the individuals revealing anything to him. The devotees who are amazed with the religious faith and intensity, see him as the son of god, the messenger of god and some the god himself in human form.

            All those who come to him are treated alike. He doesn’t differentiate based on the cast, creed, race and religion. Rich and poor make no difference to him. Based upon his divine powers he knows what, when and how to say the facts pertaining to all his devotees in order to make them progress both materialistically and spiritually. Swamiji gives divine counseling by his soothing words and blesses them with his healing touch.

             Swamiji emphasizes the cordinal principles of having faith in god in any form, working sincerely without worrying about the results and having no hatred towards any creature. Those who follow these guiding principles will be happy and contended in whatever conditions they live.

             Swami Vivekananda once said, "Struggles and tortures; Tortures and struggles, it is my fate. It is better if it is over soon". If a person of such purity in character and clarity of thought should have said and undergone turmoil's in life, what about the lesser mortals like us. We have no other option, but to face these problems in this world. Be born again and again until we wipe out all our ‘Karma’ and attain ‘Mukthi’ or ‘Salvation’ or ‘Enlightenment’.
 The best way to achieve this is by following true ‘Brahmachryam’, that is, purity in thought, word and deed and finally attaining equanimity.

             Our Swamiji’s divine counseling offers a unique and effective way to wipe out our past karma and attain equanimity. Those who have witnessed his divine counseling know that he addresses all those assembled before him in public when he speaks to one person, all the other persons who witness it undergo the emotional feelings of that individual, at that time. When swamiji speaks to another individual about his or her problem, that problem becomes the problem of all those assembled there. This goes on for the whole day. When one compares his or her personal problems with those of the others there, he or she comes to the conclusion that his or her problem in nothing and can be easily solved. In this manner the devotee not only undergoes his own emotional crisis as a result of his sufferings but he is also aware of the emotional problems of all the persons assembled there.

             A day spent with our swamiji becomes a life time experience for each devotee for he or she undergoes so much of spiritual awakening that it becomes a turning point in one’s life time. If a person is fortunate to witness our swamiji’s divine counseling, he or she is sure to realize and experience the various stages one has to undergo on this earth in that moment itself. The person finally attains a state of mind which overcomes all petty feelings and he leads a well balanced and peaceful life. It is at that stage he attains ‘Mukthi’ or ‘Salvation’ or ‘Enlightenment’. There is hope for everyone of us to ultimately reach that state. Our Shri Vikraman Swamiji gives confidence for each one of us to realize god and chooses the path to attain that state called ‘Mukthi’.

             Let our Shri Vikraman Swamiji be our guiding light and guide us for ever. Like the Sun’s rays, let his divine power spread all over the world. Let him live for ever and shower his blessings on us.


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                                  JAI HANUMAN.