Introduction by Rajkumar, the host at Geetha Vani Radio Station Toronto:

Dear Listeners,

Today , Sept 9th 1999, Thursday a holy day, through "house to house- program" we are going to meet & listen to one very important person ,a spiritual leader who through His spiritual views has attracted lakhs of devotees around the world like a magnet.

You are listening to Geethavani CTRCfm,24 hours service.

SriVikraman Swamiji who is doing spiritual service in the holy place called Nanganallur, Chennai, with gracious presence here in Toronto will listen to your worries and provide spiritual uplift to all. As His lotus feet touch this place, we seek peace and happiness to everyone.

Rajkumar: Pranam Swamiji.

Swamiji: Pranam, I want to sing a Bhajan and then start the conversation. Can I sing?

Rajkumar: fine Swamiji.

(Swamiji sings Narayana Narayana in His melodious voice).

Rajkumar: Swamiji, these days, faith spirituality is going down, why?

Swamiji: In the present world, each and every person is leading a mechanical life. I always say,

"More money more problems,

"Less money less problem,

" There is no money then severe problem.

People have lots of doubts in their minds. Even if Lord Mahavishnu was to come in front of people, He will be asked to show His identity card. We cannot blame anybody for this because people have this doubt as to whom to believe or which Guru they should follow. In fact, compared to last century in this century there is more spiritual activity but yet there is no peace of mind. A Christian goes to the church and claims that he is a Christian, Jesus is his God and it is his philosophy. A Muslim goes to mosque and claims that is his mosque and it is his philosophy. Similarly a person goes to temple and claims that it is his temple and Ram is his God and it is his philosophy. In whatever form you perceive God, He will appear in that form. This is the truth. Some pray Lord Vinayaka, some pray Lord Hanuman. But God is one. There is no doubt. God cannot be many. Even if you look at a stone and pray with 100% bakthi and devotion, that stone will give you the answer and peace of mind. The people of this whole world belong to one family. We all have come from one place. The world is one big house. The different countries are the different rooms. The people who are living are all

Children of God. It is good to respect and feel an attachment to the country in which you were born but problem arises only when they think of other country as enemies.

The confusion is whom should we believe as God. Some people ask whether all of those who call themselves as Guru could be believed. The question is legitimate. For example , among the various doctors practicing medicine, some are very good while some are not so good. It is the case with astrologers. In a library, some books may not be good. But we cannot conclude that all the books in the library are worthless . There is no doubt God is present in this world. This faith is most important. Those who come to my ashram initially think that theirs is the biggest problem in this world .When I start talking to others and ask about their problems, others begin to feel that there are those who are in greater distress and that their own problem is nothing compared to those of others. This feeling itself gives them peace of mind. Whether in reality the problem is big or small, for the person who faces it, it is always big. Throughout the world, people are suffering. On top of it, there is this confusion as to whom to believe. I say , you can believe God in any form. He is omnipotent, omnipresent. When somebody wants to do ill to another , but his conscience tells him not to do and he abides by his conscience ,he has realized God. God is not only in the temple. He is everywhere. Some people donít feel like going to the temple . They feel contented with worshipping God in the puja room of their house. Some others feel that they feel happy and obtain peace only when they go to Thirupathi. Faith in God is very important no matter where you worship God. We are not getting peace of mind because of the mechanical life we lead today.

Way back in 92 & 93,when I visited Dubai, Abudhabi, Kuwait I had mentioned some of the future events which have turned out to be true subsequently. I donít know myself how I said those prophecies. This shows there is a Supreme Being above all of us. I had mentioned about ice & glycerin in the moon, crack in the sun, discovering life in Mars. They have already found evidence of ice in moon. Scientists are researching about possibility of life in mars. A few electricity failure occurred due to the crack in the sun. All these events reaffirm the omnipresence of God . All the devotees who come to pooja go back always with complete faith and hope. If one can realize God, he will be relieved of all his worries and doubts.

A lot of devotees are hearing this program. They do not know my pooja. They do not know me either. Suppose you (meaning Rajkumar) representing GeethaVani come to my pooja for the first time and you are waiting in a room with other devotees. I will be inside the pooja room. I will call you inside saying there is somebody from Canada representing Geetha Vani. You have the question how do I know this . Even before you speak, I ask about all your problems. You feel amazed and wonder how swami is able to say all these things. That leads to the conclusion that there is a Supreme Power and the realization dawns that without His Knowledge one cannot even think. So everybody goes back feeling relieved, free and happy. Here is one gentleman standing next to me Mr. Sathyamoorthy. He has attended quite a few of my pooja in 90 & 91. He has 100% faith in me. He had serious problems when he came to my place for the first time .At that time , I had told him that he would go to Canada and I would visit him, light the lamp in his house, stay with him and meet lot of devotees. I never knew that I would be talking to you today. Hanumanji must have kept it as suspense. He gave the opportunity. Today i.e., Thursday being a holy day, Geetha Vani itself will experience very good changes. Newspaper, Radio & T.V have got a great responsibility. God provides various opportunities to give this message of peace to the world. Today as an instrument of God, I am giving you whatever message I get from Him.

In olden days there was nothing called sugar or pressure. Nowadays, 80% of people have sugar and pressure. In those days people old or young used to walk 10 to 15 km to go to temple. But they never felt the distance because of their eagerness and zeal to see God. When they witness the Harathi at the temple, they get a mental satisfaction, which cannot be described. Walking is the best exercise. So there was no sugar or

pressure . Nowadays, temples are everywhere. Still, we cannot manage our selves. When we go out in the morning even though the temple is next door we tell" Oh God, I have lot of work please leave me and I will

see you either tomorrow or next week" and move on on. Suppose a person gets up in the morning and in a hurry rushes to office and in the tension meets with a minor accident and escapes. That day he must have prayed God a few seconds in spite off the tension. That is why he escaped with a minor injury. Still when you reach office and explain to your manager the reason for the delay, the manager is not interested in your excuses. He wants work. You promise your family that you will take them out to a movie or somewhere else. That day is like all other days when you never kept your promise. You had in all sincerity wanted to go back in time. Bur your manager had other ideas. He makes you sit to finish the pending work. You reach home tired at 9:30 in the night instead of 6ío clock only to be greeted by angry wife and kids. So everywhere there are problems and tensions. It will be a great surprise if one does not have sugar or pressure.

At this stage, when there are atom bombs and nuclear weapons, all the countries should unite and think and work for peace. God consciousness is very essential. People need pace. New diseases are appearing. It is a situation where we have to be pure in our mind. If our mind is pure, God will automatically take us in the right path. So faith in God is more important than what form we worship Him.

Rajkumar; You have very nicely explained that God is one and one can worship in any form in anyway one likes. There is no need to convert religions or change method of worship. There is no need to do any propaganda about any religion. You have conveyed this great message Swamiji.

Swamiji: Certainly . To quote an example, you have seen kids flying kites. Kids make nice threads and fly kites. The winds may be blowing east, west or any direction. But the kids have no problem. They can bring down the kite whenever they want. Suppose you cut the thread, what happens to the kite? You

donít know where it would go. You cannot bring it back. Even if the kite had the heart to come it cannot come back .Similarly ,for the people of this world the thread of bakthi is very important. People are wavering in this 20rth Century just as the kite cut of from the thread.

Lord Hanuman has given me a responsibility. Within 2000, He has taken me to so many countriesóDubai ,Abudhabi,Kuwait,Germany,Holland,Brussels,Luxemberg,California,HoustonÖÖ..though I donít have wings Hanumanji is making me fly throughout the world. Also, important messages are given in my website. You can refer to them at www.vikraman.com. From Oct 13th to Mar 2000, the world has to face big problems. But by the grace of God, we are going to saved.

Rajkumar:At www.vikraman.com refer to Swamijiís messages.

Rajkumar: Last few weeks, we have been broadcasting the messages on religious faith, needless conversion on religion etc. People have general fear that spiritual practices are going down & violence is increasing. But even yesterday we were discussing as to what fate means. Can we win over fate with our wisdom ? What is your opinion?

Swamiji: Some people question that if one is destined to meet an accident why should we pray God? We can win over fate by wisdom. Due to fate, the accident has to happen. However , it is better to lose a toe rather than both the legs in the accident. That is the result of our prayer. Last week when I met a person in Chicago I told him that he has to face some problems however it will pass without causing much harm. Today I heard that he lost his purse .So, there is no doubt that God will save us from difficulties. He can reduce the severity of an accident where one loses his toe instead of both legs. One can win over fate by faith in God.

Rajkumar: Some people donít take any effort and resign to fate. What do you say about such people?

Swamiji: Many times I have told devotees that Hanuman swami has done lot of miracles and he is always with me. So saying , if I keep my ashram door open at night and go to sleep, surely thief will enter and take away the lamps and other things in the ashram. So we have to be conscious of our duties. We have come into this world .We have to do our duty .Suppose you are stranded in an unknown place not knowing where to go. You pray God and somebody comes in a car or scooter and offers you help. He is actually God. However , we should be responsible and do our duty. Forgetting your duty , if you want God to take over all the responsibilities He will not do that. We have to be conscious of our duty. Duty is most important.

Rajkumar: We have heard about your prophecies. For example, you had predicted presence of water in moon. Scientists are now researching on that. You had also said that there will be more than 9 planets in our solar system. Scientists have already discovered two more planets. This was revealed recently by Canadian Scientists. You have said that there would be 13 planets . Can you please elaborate on this?

Swamiji: Yes, they have almost discovered the three planets. You are going to read about it in the newspapers soon. I am going to say some more important information. As and when I say that, it will be put on my web-site. The first and second parts of my world prophecies are already in the web-site. The third part will be put very soon.

Rajkumar: There was a person with extra-sensitive perception named Nostradamas. It is claimed that eighty percent of his prophecies have come true. Similarly, events indicate that most of your predictions have come true. These are in the web-site. How is the web-site maintained? Is it in English?

Swamiji: It is in English at present. But in future in whatever language people want to read it, it is going to be implemented.

Rajkumar: how man languages do you know, Swamiji?

Swamiji: When I am siting in a pooja, without my knowledge, I speak in different languages. I myself canít tell about me, sometimes. I talk in Hindi, sing in Punjabi, Tamil, Chinese, English etc. With Godís grace, I will sing in many more languages.

Rajkumar: Did you learn all these languages or..

Swamiji: No, I started speaking these languages while sitting in pooja and over a period of time, I have perfected them.

Rajkumar: Swamiji, some people who were very spiritual , because of their problem and confusion, give up their faith in God. They think God has turned a blind eye on them.

Swamiji: That is a good question. Sometimes, people decide to go the temple for 14 weeks and offer prayers with an appeal that a marriage should get fixed. For some, the marriage might get fixed before 14 weeks. For some others. It may not. They immediately think that "What is the use of praying if he cannot satisfy my needs and they throw away deitiesí photos in the house. However, after a year and a half the marriage gets fixed and they realize that if the marriage had got fixed earlier, they would not have got such a good alliance as they got now. So it is okay to appeal to God. But God knows when to fulfill your appeal. What is visible to our eyes is very little. God can see everything. So it is not necessary that whatever we desire should happen. He will give what is best for us.

Rajkumar: Is Nanganallur your birth place or is it where your ashram is located?.

Swamiji: My ashram is in Nanganallur I live there . I was born in Quilon ,Kerala. Of late people have been asking me about my birthplace , how I got this divine power etc. When I was studying in my 11th grade,

My classmate Peethambaran (not the Peethambaram who is writing on my website now ) showed me his palm suddenly and asked me to foretell his future. In spite of my telling him that I did not know palmistry he insisted that I should say something. Because of his compulsion ,I told him that he would join Military Service. The teacher saw us talking and asked me to stand up and demanded to know what I was talking I told him everything. He asked me how could I predict , if I didnít know palmistry . I said I didnít know I simply said it. However after 6 or 7 years, one day , I left my house to go to a near- by school .Half an hour later my sister came running and told me that 6 or 7 persons had come to see me . I asked her who they were and how did they look ? . She replied that they were all tall and well built . I didnít remember to have such friends. When I returned home Peethambaram and his friends were there and he took me to a hotel and gave me a feast. I thought that my classmates seeing me after so many years had taken me to the hotel. However , after we finished eating everybody started showing his or her palms to me . I told them that I did not know palmistry. Peethambaram said that years ago I had predicted that he would join military service and that he actually joined the Army. He asked me to say something for one of his friends. I said that he was getting married soon. That friend was surprised because he was looking for an alliance. I said it without my knowledge. Even then , I did not have the confidence whether whatever I say could come true. After so many incidents ,now I know that there is somebody sitting inside me talking. I told another friend that he was getting transferred in his job. Like this I told 4 or 5 points . After a few months, all the predictions came true. The news started spreading in my area including my father, mother and uncle. My uncle also wanted me to see his hand and I told him that his daughterís marriage would be fixed and that could be proceeded with but his sonís marriage even though would get fixed should not be performed immediately.

Finally I came over to Madras. Because my predictions were coming true, people started asking me explanations about the various lines in the palm. But I didnít know those details. One person asked me about his marriage. I told him that it would be a love-marriage. Eventually it turned out to be a love-marriage and he married a Muslim girl. So, people started coming to me regularly to show their palms. I also started referring to books. One day, one Mr. Unni told me that in West Mambalam there was Anjaneya Pooja in which a girl named Kalpana who was possessed with some divine powers would talk to assembled devotees. About 10 people would assemble in the pooja room and the girl would light a lamp and then start talking. At that time, her voice would also change. I was indeed surprised. Mr. Unni knew that I worked for an ice-factory. So, in the pooja, the girl told him to bring me (referring to me as the person from ice-factory) to the pooja. When I entered, she called me with my birth star and asked whether I knew palmistry. I replied I knew little bit. She asked me what was the meaning of "Rahu in Sun". That actually meant a very big problem. I, however, said that only Anjaneya Swamy could explain that to me and I prostrated. That day, whoever had come there were palmists and astrologers. She went on to say that from next day I could see the palms of people and Anjaneya would guide me. This blessing was given to me not that I asked for it but based on the fruits of my previous Karma. From that day, I used to see the palm and talk through intuition. Later on, there was no necessity of seeing palm.

People were constantly after me to read their palms. I could not go for work. Even in my marriage, lot of miracles happened. After marriage, I could not do my own business. In fact, in the Anjaneya Pooja, Lord Anjaneya through the girl said that He would make me sit one day. I did not understand the meaning. Since I could not concentrate on my regular work, I decided to set aside Sunday to meet people. I printed visiting cards and gave them to people telling them that on Sundays morning till evening, I would meet them. I did not mention this to any neighbors. This went on for 2 weeks. My wife got upset that I was sitting the whole day.

Third week, a person by name Mohan came to see me from Anna Nagar in connection with his business. After waiting for an hour he walked into the pooja room. I told him that there would be no business talk but Anjaneya Pooja and went on to ask him whether he saw any shop. He was shocked and said he was coming after seeing a shop. I told him that it would materialize and it actually did. He brought 10 people next week. 10 became 20 and 20 became 100 and this way the news spread all over the world. Those days, in Nanganallur cars would be lined up outside my house. Phone calls would come from America. But people in the neighborhood would not know anything about the Pooja because I did not do any publicity. Now, every year, in Nanganallur we have procession in which hundreds of ladies participate. Now, they know me. So, when the time comes, people get to know. I donít do anything artificially. I do my job correctly and God would know what I need and He would do the publicity through Geetha Vani or any other means. That is the way it has been happening till now. Mr.Krishnamurthy in San Francisco , California maintains even my web-site. 17 years ago, I was sitting with one Mr. Radhakrishnan at 6 , Natesan Street, Mambalam. As I was having tea I asked him who Gomathi was. He was surprised and replied that she was his house-owner. Then I asked who Krishnamurthy was. He is her son. Then I asked about Venkatramani who is Krishnamurthyís brother. Radhakrishnan immediately brought all of them. That day I told Krishnamurthy that he would go to America and he would be the first one to receive me in America. He was a young boy at that time and even I was a young man. I also said that his brother too would go to America. Both of them are now in America. Krishnamurthy started my web-site by himself. I did not tell him to do so. Even my photos, I did not print them. One person in Ashok Nagar got a dream of Anjaneya Swami and Shirdi Baba in my form and he printed 5000 copies of my photo and kept them with me. This is the way it has spread throughout the world. Whatever has to happen, will happen. It is never planned. God can come in any form. Even I think of you all as little Anjaneya. God is giving me message through you all and taking me all over the world. What is important to this world is to unite all the world leaders and provide an opportunity to run their affairs in a proper and efficient manner.

RajKumar: Swamiji, I am asking this question, not as a political one, but out of deep concern. Most of the 200,000 tamils who are living here hail from Srilanka. Their biggest worry and concern is that while they were happy and content in their own land, today military has occupied that land; people are dying of hunger everyday; there is o food to eat; no shelter to live; temples where they worship are being destroyed; it is everyday suffering. Will we get freedom from this misery? When will we all have a happy life? Can you please tell us through your Divine Vision?

Swamiji: There is definitely freedom from this misery. Every man has to meet certain difficulties at some stage of his life. It is not always possible to have a good and trouble-free life throughout. If that were to happen, people would want to go to Vaigundam in 5 years. But in some cases, the miseries are unimaginable. But as far as land of Ceylon is concerned, by the end of 2000, it is going to be rid of its problems. In 2001, Ceylon will turn into a sacred place. The people living there would get happiness and peace in a measure more than what they themselves expected. After that, my Pooja will also take place. Already there are lots of Srilankans who are my devotees.

RajKumar: If ii happens in 2001, I will also take part in that sacred place. This message of God is being listened by people from all over the world through Geetha Vani. We consider this as a great news from the mouth of messenger of God like you or from God Himself.

Swamiji: Actually, the process will start by the end of 1999 and a hope of a solution will rise among the people. There is no doubt. I will also pray for this.

RajKumar: I asked this question because this is the biggest worry in everybodyís mind and I am echoing their concern. I feel that if I had not asked this question, I would be committing a crime. Your reply would have definitely given great happiness to the Listeners. Instead of me continuing to ask questions further, Listeners would like to ask questions. Swamiji has come for spiritual service. He is spreading this great message that God is one and you can worship Him in whatever form you believe. Listeners, please call 7510046 to the Radio Station. Please be polite in your conversation. May Swamijiís blessings be with you.

Caller 1: Greetings! I am Balasundaram. I wanted to ask the same question what Rajkumar asked. Lakhs of Srilankans are living like orphans. The only solution seems to be a separate Tamil Elam. If this problem is solved in 2001, it will be a great boon.

Swamiji: Certainly. I have a lot of Srilankan devotees. They are going to take me to a lot of places in 2001. Anjaneya Swamijiís presence is there. Srilanka will turn into a holy place.

Balasundaram: A personal question. Due to my mental worries, my hands shiver. Can I be cured?

Swamiji: Actually you have been taking medicines for a long time. (Balasundaram confirms). Today is holy Thursday. You have asked this question on the right day. There will be 90% improvement. When you talk to me next time, you will not have this much of a problem. End of 1999, you will come to Madras and see me. In case you cannot meet me, you can ring me up. By grace of God, I can give you the message even over the phone. You must take one or two cups of water before breakfast in empty stomach. If you get neem leaves, you should grind it, mix it with milk and take it before breakfast everyday. After a little gap, you can have your regular medicine. Sometimes, when regular medicine cannot cure, I used to give vibudhi and people have got cured. Sometimes, I refer to go to a particular doctor. In your case, I will surely protect you.

Balasundaram : Swamiji , you said I will meet you this year.

Swamiji: In April 2000 you will meet me. Before that you will contact me several times.

(Rajkumar announces the address and the contact number of Swamiji).

Caller 2: Pranam Swamiji !. My name is Devaraj. Rajkumar, even though young in age ,is doing a great service as an announcer in Geetha vani. As you had replied his question, if Tamil Elam problem is resolved by 2001, we will construct a temple for you and would like to have your darshan there .Thanks.

Caller 3: My name is Mullaisingam. Me and my family are devotees of Sri Anjaneya. I have been praying to him to relieve me from my worries . Can you please tell me whether my worries will end?

January is the crucial month for me to cross an important stage .Will I succeed?

Swamiji :Surely, otherwise you wouldnít be talking to me today. There is no doubt. I will pray for you.

Mullaisingam: Me and my brother have been praying Anjaneya for many days.

Swamiji :He will not let you down . Today is holy Thursday. After Jan 2000, even if I ask you to cry . You cannot cry. Wish you all the best. You can meet me in my pooja today. I will definitely talk to you.

Mullaisingam: (choked with emotion ) I will meet you swamiji. Thank you.

Caller 4 : Pranam Swamiji . My name is Kalaiselvan. I wanted to ask about Tamil Elam. But Rajkumar had already asked that question . We are all happy to hear your message.

RAJKUMAR Mr. Kalaiselvan please ask your question quickly, so that other callers would also get an opportunity.

Kalaiselvan : I have been praying God from the age of 14 along with my mother. Due to the prayers , I am in Canada . In my house I have the picture of all deities and I worship in the morning, afternoon and evening. Many people come and they ask me to convert to Christianity . I show them my pooja room and they will not talk further. Some people say that in houses Godís image (statues ) should not be kept and worshipped. What is your opinion on this ?

Swamiji : In the olden days they say that you should not read palm during night. This was because there was no electricity those days. he lines in the palm wouldnít be visible. Similarly there is nothing wrong in keeping Godís statues at homes . Some even say that Anjaneyaís photo should not be kept because people wonít get married These are all individualsí own belief. But if you keep a statue you should clean and do Abishekam .Since this is not possible always people say that you should not keep statues at home. If you can follow the practice of cleaning the statue you can keep it. Otherwise you should not. here will not be any problem just because you keep a statue. In fact your pooja room is very clean. When you attend my pooja you will have lot of experience. Today after 6:30 there will be a pooja Please note the telephone number. Thank you and all the best.

Caller 5; Greetings!

Rajkumar ;Please reduce the volume of the radio.

Caller 5; Today we are excited to hear the good news through Geetha vani I want to ask a question. Many people were aware that last September 1998 an airplane went missing . My younger sister was one of the passengers. I was in Ceylon at that time and went to Anjaneya Temple and met one Chandrasekar Swamy

He said that the plane did not crash or burn. It crossed the national boundary and that when political problem gets resolved we would get a good news. Moreover Saibaba appeared in my dream and said that my sister was safe and I would get a good news. Can you say anything about this.?

Swamiji: I have to talk to you personally. Please come to my Pooja this evening. I have to tell you more things. Then only you will be satisfied. Anyway you are talking to me on a Thursday and you will get a good result. There is no doubt.

Rajkumar: Do you know the telephone number and the place where the pooja is going to take place?.

Caller5 : Yes ,Thank You.

Caller 6: Greetings! I am Madivanan. I heard Swamijiís message to the listeners. I am happy. I want to meet Swamiji and take his blessings.

Rajkumar: You can take the phone number of the house where Swamijiís pooja is being conducted today. Thank you.

Caller 7: Greetings! I am Prema. I am going to talk to you in English. I have been married for the past 27 years. I lost 3 children. Now I have an 18-year-old daughter. She is a very good girl. Swamiji, the problem is that I always worry about her too much. When she goes out and until she comes back home, I have tension. My hands will be shaking. My mind is not in my place. Even when I go to work, I keep thinking about what she would be doing. What is the reason Swamiji?

Swamiji: Hereafter when you talk to your daughter you have to be diplomatic. Her time is not that good now. But there is nothing to worry about her. Has she completed 18 years?

Prema: She will complete 18 years in Dec 99.

Swamiji: After the age of 20, she is going to change totally. You have to talk to her diplomatically. You have to come to my Pooja. I have to tell a lot of things about your daughter and your family. Do you have anybody in Bombay? Have you been to Bombay?

Prema: Yes, I had been there twice.

Swamiji: Have you heard of Prabhadevi Temple Ė Sidhi Vinayak Temple?

Prema: Iím a Christian Swamiji.

Swamiji: I know. You have visited that area. You always worshipped in Mahim church.

Prema: Yes, yes

Swamiji: I donít want to talk much today. I know your heart. I am a messenger of Vailankanni Mathaji. You can expect good changes from now on. Your mind is such that whether it is small or big, you cannot be free. But from now on, there is nothing to worry. I have taken responsibility of your daughter.

Prema: Will her future be good?

Swamiji: Definitely. Whose birthday is coming in March/April?

Prema: Mine, Swamiji.

Swamiji: That day, you must prepare some sweet and distribute among family members and others also. How is your leg pain?

Prema: I still have that. I had a kidney surgery.

Swamiji: Are you still taking medicines?

Prema: Not really. But once a month I have to go and see my surgeon.

Swamiji, I lost three children.

Swamiji: What about your last child?

Prema: That was in 1988.

Swamiji: He was a little stubborn. Anyway, You can come to my Pooja. I will talk to you.

Rajkumar: Thank you, Prema. These words of Swamiji would have created more faith in Him. Without seeing you, without your telling Him, he told you about the places you visited, your health and other problems. Iím sure this has given you confidence.

Prema: Certainly. Thank You Swamiji.

Rajkumar: I want to give opportunity to maximum number of people to talk to Swamiji. So please ask your questions briefly.

Caller 8: I am Anbuselvan. I am planning to do import/export business. Will it materialize soon?

Swamiji: What happened to the business you were doing earlier?

Anbuselvan: I am a chartered accountant. I was in Nigeria. I have now come to Canada. I want to do this export business.

Swamiji: You can by all means start the business. I will come to your business place.

Anbuselvan: I am here for three years. I am very eager to see my mother.

Swamiji: Very soon you will see your mother.

Anbuselvan: Will I be able to go to India?

Swamiji: Definitely. You will come to my place also. Before that, I will appear in your dream and talk to you. All the best.

Anbuselvan: Thank you.

Caller 9: I have a problem for a long time now. Will that be resolved?

Swamiji: For the past 4/5 years, you have been having only problems. However much money that you got, it never stayed. There is no mental peace in the family. Everybody in the family avoids you. Is that true?

Caller 9: Yes, yes

Swamiji: But in 99, you have to meet a few more problems. But they are not serious. Do you have a brother?

Caller 9: Yes

Swamiji: Do you speak to him?

Caller 9: Yes

Swamiji: When did you speak to him last?

Caller 9: Last Monday.

Swamiji : How is he?

Caller 9: He is fine.

Swamiji: When did you see him last.

Caller 9: 4 days ago.

Swamiji: When you meet him again, you can tell him about me. You can give my telephone number also.

Caller 9: Swamiji, he is your devotee.

Swamiji: I know, that is why I asked about him.

Caller 9: He only told me about you.

Swamiji: There is nothing that God does not know. That is the truth. I will talk to your brother. Today You must come to my Pooja. I have to talk to you a lot.

Caller 9: Will my problems end?

Swamiji: Surely. But you have to come to my Pooja. You will understand when I tell you more details. You have telephoned on a good day and talked to me. There is no doubt that good things are going to happen to you.

Rajkumar: Thank you. Others are waiting to call. Though I try to rationalize things, I have to accept the presence of Divine Grace in Swamiji. Without looking at you or knowing you, he knew your brother is his devotee.

Caller 9: Definitely. Thank you.

Swamiji: Wish you best of luck.

Caller 10: My name is Ranganathan. I donít have one eye. What will be my future, my familyís future? Can you please tell me?

Swamiji: Was there any operation performed?

Ranganathan: Yes, it was done. Because of that I lost my eye. I was operated again. But my eyesight is still not okay.

Swamiji: The operation was not satisfactory. How is your right eye?

Ranganathan: I can only see with my right eye.

Swamiji: I will give you eyesight. Only rarely I say and do such miracles. God will do a miracle on your retina and improve your eyesight. Why are you not eating regularly?

Ranganathan: Due to mental agony.

Swamiji: Who does not have problems in this world? But health is wealth. You must eat food at regular times which is most important. Even if you cannot eat full meal, you must take something Ė like banana, water etc. I will take care of the rest of your problems.

Ranganathan: Thank you.

Caller 11: I am a devotee of Anjaneya. Early morning, I get up and pray Him only. I asked for a boon from Him. That is still not fulfilled. Will my worries end?

Swamiji: Have you been to Madras?

Caller 11: Not until now.

Swamiji: Who is in Madras.

Caller 11: There is nobody.

Swamiji: There is somebody. Two families are there. You are going to meet them. You have a lot of grievances. What happened to your wealth Ė jewelry, money & property?

Caller 11: Some are lost. Some are still there.

Swamiji: Where is your property that you bought?

Caller 11: In my native place.

Swamiji: Who is there?

Caller 11: My father is there.

Swamiji: Is there any problem for him?

Caller 11: No.

Swamiji: You have been planning to go to Ceylon. Didnít you go?

Caller 11: I could not get an opportunity to go.

Swamiji: Donít you want to go?

Caller 11: Yes, but I am not getting the opportunity.

Swamiji: Now you have lot of confusions. You must come to my pooja either today or Saturday. I will talk to you . Only when I talk to you, your confusions will go away. Right now, you have no interest in anything. You have bakthi. But you are disinterested. That is what your life has been for the past 6/7 years where you have met several problems. However, on this holy Thursday, Anjaneya has given you the opportunity to talk to me. Definitely there is going to be a change. You will get a telephone call from your brother within 2/3 days. Three will be no problem. Who is in Colombo?

Caller 11: I had some people in Colombo. But they moved from there.

Swamiji: Whose birthday came in August? One in August and another is going to come in November?

Caller 11: My sisterís childís birthday comes in November.

Swamiji: There is one in August. But you will remember slowly. You can call me , I will talk to you. You have to come to my Pooja. Can you lift your hand up?

Caller 11: Now it is better.

Swamiji: You have pain in your shoulders. Donít lie down with a high pillow. If you get any ayurvedic oil, apply it throughout your body once a week or once in two weeks and take bath in hot water. Be prompt in your intake of food. I know your mental worries. Many devotees come to my Pooja. Some hesitate to discuss their personal problems in front of others. But I can talk in such a way that only you will understand. When you have got an opportunity, use it and attend my Pooja. I will pray for you. Wish you all the best.

Caller 11: Thank You.

Caller 12: Swamiji, will my problems be solved?

Swamiji: You have some problems. Time has not come to say by when your problems will be over. Can you come this evening to my Pooja?

Caller 11: No, I have to go for work.

Swamiji: You can come on Saturday. There is nothing to fear. No serious problems will come. I will pray for you.

Caller 13: My father is not well back home. I want to inquire about his health.

Swamiji: Was there any operation?

Caller 13: No.

Swamiji: Did the doctor mention about any operation?

Caller 13: Yes, there was swelling in leg.

Swamiji: Has it reduced?

Caller 13: Yes.

Swamiji: Actually, it was originally planned for an operation. By grace of God it was avoided.

Caller 13: Is there any need for operation?

Swamiji: I will tell you later. But there is nothing to fear. But he must take his medicines for some more time. Do you use glasses?

Caller 13: No.

Swamiji: Donít you find it difficult to read without glasses?

Caller 13: No, I am able to read.

Swamiji: There is a difference in power between right and left eye. It is good for you to have reading glasses. Do you get headache?

Caller 13: Yes

Swamiji: You have to take spinach, water and reduce sugar. Abut the glasses, it is not a big problem. When your eyes will be tested, your left eye will have power. You will not have strain if you read with glasses. But if you donít wear glasses, your eyesight will deteriorate. You have to be very careful. For your father, there will be a minor operation. But it will be successful. He will come to my place. If you get time you can come to my Pooja.

(Rajkumar announces the telephone number of the Pooja venue.)

Caller 14: My name is Padma Ramanathan. My second daughter is 15 years old. She has problems. What will happen to her?

Swamiji: Why are you having this doubt.

Padma: We are worried about what will be her life after our death.

Swamiji: You donít need to be afraid of any big problem. She will have problems for 2 more years. But there is no need to fear. Do you want to ask anything else? You still donít believe me. I know your daughter. She gets angry sometimes. She does not know how to express her love. After a stage, she is going to change. She will be attached to her parents. She will become a good devotee of mine. Next year, when I come here, you will come with your family and see me. Your daughter will be totally devoted. On that day, you will not have this much tension and problem. Who is Raju? Do you know anybody by name Raju or Raji?

Padma: In Srilanka there is one Dr. Rajan.

Swamiji: Did you take any treatment from him.

Padma: Yes, when we were in Sri Lanka.

Swamiji: Donít you want to go to Sri Lanka again? There is going to be permanent solution to the problems in Sri Lanka. You will all be happy. Anjaneya Swami is going to be arrange my poojas there. Sri Lanka is going to be a blessed place. If you meet that doctor, you can tell him about me and that I mentioned about him. He will then telephone me and I will talk to him, Devotees can call me wherever I am. Even if you donít see me in person, by Grace of God, I can talk to them. Who has got skin problem in your family?

Padma: I sometimes get some patches.

Swamiji: Does it come often? If you get time, you can come to my Pooja either today or Saturday. Normally we donít get so much time on radio. By Godís will, through Geetha Vani, I am able to talk to so many devotees. I am only an instrument of God. When I get a message, I give it to you. That is all! I know there are some problems for your daughter. But she is going to be my devotee. I have to do some miracle. So donít worry. For one or two years, it will be like this. After that she is going to change. How is her health?

Padma: She looks like a 25-year-old lady.

Swamiji: She has to reduce sugar gradually. Donít compel. Tell her that you spoke to a Swami and he asked her to reduce sugar. She will reduce. We will meet again. Why is your tape-recorder in your house not working? Why havenít you repaired it?

Padma: We have kept it aside.

Swamiji: You can repair it and use it. Why I am saying is that you have the doubt whether what I say will happen or not. You still donít know me. You donít have the experience. It is not your fault. This is to make you understand that God has come to your place. For example, only if you have complete faith in a doctor, the medicines will give the desired result. Similarly, you must have complete faith in God. What you have experienced is only 2%, a sample. Only if God sits in my heart, I can talk. Otherwise, I cannot talk anything. So God is there. He is watching us. He knows your worries. He will relieve you of all the worries at the right time. There is no doubt. Wish you all the best.

Caller 15: I am Divya. It is about one year since I got married. My husband is in India. I am trying to get him here. Will it succeed?

Swamiji: He will come. After November, he will come. After that you can call me at Madras. My number is 2330083. You will have two kids. One daughter and a son. Daughter will be born in April. I will keep the year in suspense. Wish you best of luck.

Caller 16: I have a lot of problems. I am mentally and physically affected. I have had no job for two years. I used to work before that. Even if I get a job, after a couple of days, I would quit. What is the reason? I am vexed.

Swamiji: You are going through 7-½ year Saturn cycle of which 1 ½ years is still left. Do you feel numb in hands or legs?

Caller 16: Yes, even as I hold telephone I get it. Then it will go away. If I decide to go to doctor, the numbness will disappear.

Swamiji: Actually you donít have any disease. Your backbone is weak. You find it difficult to get up in the morning. You must avoid unnecessary thoughts. You have to be very prompt in taking food. Take vitamin or iron tablets. Consult a doctor. Because of weakness, you get the fear and that fear is leading you somewhere. Certainly 70% of your problems will vanish when you hear the news that you donít have any problem. From today you can feel better. You can come to my Pooja today. You can also talk to me over the phone. Sometimes, I will appear in you dream. Even I will appear in person.

Caller 16: Oh, really.

Swamiji: A lot of devotees have experienced that. You will have that experience at the right time. These experiences will be spread throughout the world. Like this, when I was in Chicago a Sardarji continuously had my dream for 3 days in which Guru Nanak showed my photo and said his era will be golden era. He kept searching for me and finally found a flier with my photo in Shirdi Baba Temple and recognized me and came to the place where I was staying. When I came out to see him, he (a hefty man of 200 kgs) fell on my feet. So, God is doing something through me without my knowledge. God is using me as an instrument and making me go around the world,. So your problem is not very severe. I will solve it. Wish you all the best.

Caller 16: Can I come and meet you?

Swamiji: Surely.

(Rajkumar announces the locations where poojas are going to be held)

Caller 17: I have a life problem. I am in love with a girl for the past 6 years. Her parents donít agree for our marriage. Will this be resolved?

Swamiji: There are some problems. But it will be resolved amicably. You take my telephone number. I will talk to you personally and explain.

(Rajkumar conveys the telephone number)

Caller 18: I am Ananthan. I am with my family. I have 3 sons. Do I have problems?

Swamiji: Are you saying that you donít have problems?

Ananthan: No, I have problems. My eldest son is 17 years old.

Swamiji: He has some problems. It is called Baalashtam. It will be like this for 3 or 4 years. After some stage he is going to improve. He is going to learn computers. Next time when I come, you can bring your son. Most of my devotees throughout the world are children. You should not talk to your son angrily. You get angry soon. Donít you?

Ananthan: Yes.

Swamiji: You have to control your anger. I will pray for your son.

Ananthan: What about my other boys?

Swamiji: There is nothing to worry about them.

Ananathan: I am planning to buy a house.

Swamiji: That will materialize soon. After you buy your property I will come to your place and light the lamp. you have seen a property. What happened to that?

Ananthan: I have not decided yet.

Swamiji: After September, it will be OK. You can proceed.

Ananathan: At present we are living in a condo. We want to sell it and buy a house. Can I do that?

Swamiji: No, you should keep it. It is a nice apartment.

Ananthan: Yes, it is.

Swamiji: Why do you want to se sell it?

Ananthan: My mother wants to go to an independent house.

Swamiji: Soon you will get another property. I will arrange it without you having to sell the apartment.

Ananthan: That will be nice. Can I meet you in Toronto ? Can I bring my sons?

Swamiji: Certainly. I will call you by name and give prasadams. Wish you all the best.

Rajkumar: I can keep Swamiji at the radio station only upto 3 oí clock. So callers are requested to ask their questions quickly and briefly.

Caller 19: Will my sisterís problem be solved?

Swamiji: Yes it will be. Whose birthday is in Nov?

Caller 19: Nobody.

Swamiji: There is. How many sisters do you have?

Caller 19: One sister.

Swamiji: Do you have any cousins?

Caller 19: Yes

Swamiji: Where are they?

Caller 19: In Ceylon.

Swamiji: Who is Shanthi or Vasanthi?

Caller 19: I do not know.

Swamiji: Think about Shanthi, Vasanthi, November. Take my telephone number. After you re-collect you can talk to me. In November, there is a birthday of an important person. How many names do you have?

Caller 19: two names.

Swamiji: You like the short name. Where is your mother?

Caller 19: In Ceylon.

Swamiji: Do you know Trincomolee?

Caller 19: That is where my mother lives.

Swamiji: When did you speak to her last?

Caller 19: 2 days ago.

Swamiji: What did she talk?

Caller 19: Well, she said she is fine.

Swamiji: Do you have a brother?

Caller 19: Oh yes! My mother was talking about his wedding.

Swamiji: See, you have forgotten. But I have not. I will not. Today there is my Pooja. You can come.

Caller 19: Will my brotherís problems be solved?

Swamiji: Yes, there are some problems. But there is nothing to worry.

Caller 20: I do not have much belief in God. I do not believe much in Swamijis. But after I heard your talk, I felt like talking to you.

Swamiji: You are very frank. Frankness is good. God will not get angry if you say you donít believe in God. I know you are sincere in your work. That is why God has created this opportunity in unexpected circumstances. I like your openness. When you talk to me next time, you will not have much tension. You will become a good devotee of mine. I will appear in your dream a few times,. Just as a car radiator needs water, there is nothing wrong if one goes to a temple for getting mental peace. People derive pleasure in their work. You are going to get more involved spiritually. One day you will come to Madras and meet me. How is your car?

Caller 20: No problem.

Swamiji: What happened to the earlier car.

Caller 20: I sold it.

Swamiji: Did it get involved in an accident? You must have escaped from a minor accident.

Caller 20: Nothing of that sort happened.

Swamiji: Never mind.

(At this stage, the connection got terminated)

Caller 21: I want to ask about the future of my daughters.

(There was a problem on the telephone link.)

Rajkumar: The earlier caller might come back on the line because there was a disruption on the line.

Caller 21: I want to ask about the future of my two daughters- about their studies?

Swamiji: Your second daughter is little weak. Which child is interested in computers? Do you know?

Caller 21: I donít know

Swamiji: Your eldest daughter will take interest in computers. After a while, if she expresses an interest to learn computers, you have to encourage her.

Caller 21: OK

Swamiji: There does not seem to be any problem with her studies.

Caller 21: Thank you. Can you tell about her life-my elder daughterís marriage?

Swamiji: The time has not come yet. She is still young. Let some more time pass. There is no problem about her marriage. She will not marry within your relations. She will marry a boy outside. She will also live happily after marriage with three kids Ė first daughter, second son and third also son. There is a pooja this evening and also on Saturday and Sunday. You can come. Even after that, if you call the place where I am staying, if I am free I will talk to you.

Caller 21: Thank you.

Caller 22: I have been having problems after marriage. I want to ask about that.

Swamiji: What is your husband doing?

Caller 22: He is working.

Swamiji: Did he leave his earlier job?

(Caller did not understand the question)

Rajkumar: Is your husband continuing the same job?

Caller 22: Yes

Swamiji: At the very first time, he was in a different job.

Caller 22: No he is in the same job.

Swamiji: No, he was in a different job. After that, he has taken the present job.

Caller 22: I donít know

Swamiji: You and your husband can come to my pooja. Then only you will understand.

Caller 22: OK

Swamiji: Why are you not lighting lamp at home?

(No response form the Caller)

Swamiji: If you light the lamp, you will understand God.

Caller 22: I believe in everything/

Swamiji: I know your problem. There is nobody in this world that does not have problems. Everybody has problems. At the same time we should not forget our duty. Every morning you must light the lamp and pray for at least five minutes. You will get a mental satisfaction that you have served God,. Next time when you talk to me, you will not have this much of tension. If you have time you can come today or Saturday or Sunday to my Pooja and meet me or you can call me. I will talk to you.

Caller 22: OK

Swamiji: Donít you want a job? After October, I will arrange a job for you.

Caller 22: Thank you.

Caller 23: I am Shantha. For the past 13 months, I am having problems on my right side.

Swamiji: The problem is not as serious as you think. There is a little problem. But you will get relief. Like this, for one of my devotees,. The doctors in Bombay told that he would die in 2 weeks. When his relatives came to my Pooja, I gave them Vibudhi and told them to send it to Bombay. This happened about 7 years ago. That person is still alive. There are lot of such experiences written by doctors on my web-site. Your problem is not as serious as you think. Some astrologers tell everything bluntly. For example they might say that at the age of 40 one will meet with an accident. Even if it is true, it should not be told bluntly. Because when that person reaches 40, he would remember astrologerís prediction and in that fear he might go and hit his car somewhere. In your case, there is no such thing that I wonít tell. But you have small problems. But you will get relief.

Shantha: There is swelling on the right hand side of my body - both on the chest and the back.

Swamiji: You have swelling in three places not two. Do you have pain in your back?

Shantha: I cannot lift my right hand.

Swamiji: Yes, there is a problem. Do you feel numb in your right hand.

Shantha: Last year I was living in a small town. There I used to get this numbness. Because of lack of facilities, we have come here.

Swamiji: I will pray for you and through that there will be changes for you. You must be feeling giddy also. Donít you?

Shantha: I feel heavy on my head.

Swamiji: Yes, I know your problem. But it will go away. It is not a disease. Sometimes it is worse than a disease. But from today the feeling that there is somebody to take care of you, will itself cure you 50/60%. Use ayurvedic oil, take bath only in hot water, and take vitamins/iron tablets. Take spinach and soup. If you do this, after a month you will feel very free. You are going to see me next time feeling completely free. Certainly I will pray for you. Everything will be OK. You donít keep any doubt. You are going to improve.

Shantha: Thank you.

RajKumar: Please ask your questions quickly. Lot of listeners are waiting. I canít retain Swamiji for long.

Caller 24: I am thinking of starting a business. Will it work?

Swamiji: What happened to your job?

Caller 24: I am still working.

Swamiji: When do you want to start business,? Right away?

Caller 24: I want to. But Ö..

Swamiji: You can do business. But let some more time pass. Your present job is good. Did you buy a place?

Caller 24: I have thought of a place.

Swamiji: Buy that first. For your business, let this year pass. At any cost, donít start the business this year. Be watchful in your property purchase and if you proceed on that you will succeed. There is a temple near your house. You donít seem to go there nowadays?

Caller 24: Yes, I go.

Swamiji: I have not seen you for the past one week.

Caller 24: I was busy. I did not go for the past one week.

(Everyone in the studio laughs)

Swamiji: There is my pooja today. I often say that in Madras or Dubai it is difficult to see or talk to me personally. There will be a lot of crowd. People used to wait 20 /40 hours before they could see me. You are able to talk to me so easily. So you are the VIP of Hanumanji. VIP of God. I feel that I have been made an instrument to talk to you. Anjaneya is giving you this message through Geetha Vani. You are all blessed by Anjaneya, blessed by God. I will meet you again. I will pray for you. All the best.

Caller 25: My younger brother is implicated in a problem in Ceylon.

Swamiji: Yes, he is having some problems. There is no immediate relief for him. But do not fear. He has problems till November. In second week of November you will get good news. After that you can give my telephone number to your brother. I will talk to him. There is no danger to his life. So do not fear.

Caller 25: Thank You.

Caller 26: Will all my problems be solved? If I have to contact you where can I contact you?

(Rajkumar announces the telephone number)

Caller 27: I am Mrs. Ramakrishna. I am having a problem for the past 6 years.

Swamiji: 6 years or 7 years?

Caller 27: Almost 7 years. They say it is soon going to end. Will it end?

Swamiji: I have already settled that issue. You are going to call me soon with a good news. There is no need to fear.

Caller 27: Thank you.

Caller 28: My name is Ranjitha. My husband wants to start a business. Can he start?

Swamiji: Yes, he can. Whose birthday got over recently in August?

Caller 28: Yes, my younger sisterís son.

Swamiji: Where are they?

Ranjitha: They are in Canada.

Swamiji: Who is Shanmugam? Is there anybody in your family with Lord Murugaís name?

Ranjitha: There is one by name Sajan.

Swamiji: Where is he?

Ranjitha: Here. He is my younger sisterís son.

Swamiji: Is Sajanís problem over?

Ranjitha: He is a school going boy of 7 years old.

Swamiji: Where are they?

Ranjitha: In Canada.

Swamiji: Do you have anybody in Montreal? When did you visit Montreal?

Ranjitha: About a year ago.

Swamiji: Why did you go three?

Ranjitha: To go to the temple.

Swamiji: Donít you want to go to that temple again?

(No response from the Caller)

Swamiji: Why donít you all go there again?

Ranjitha: OK

Swamiji: In America do you know Los Angeles?

Ranjitha: No, I wanted to go to Pittsburgh. But I could not get the opportunity.

Swamiji: You can go there also. What happened to the property?

Ranjitha: There is no problem.

Swamiji: Where is your land?

Ranjitha: Here as well as back home.

Swamiji: Donít you have land in Ceylon?

Ranjitha: Yes, I have.

Swamiji: Is anybody living there?

Ranjitha: No

Swamiji: With whom are the documents?

(No response from the Caller)

Swamiji: OK, you can come to my pooja.

Ranjitha: I am planning to come on Saturday.

Swamiji: You can definitely come on Saturday. You can proceed with the business proposal. There is no problem. It will flourish. Donít worry. You will call me and tell me. Everything will work out well. I will pray for you.

Rajkumar: Hundreds of people are waiting. All should forgive me. Swamiji has got several engagements. I cannot retain Him. If you want to meet Him this evening, there is going to be a bhajan and pooja.

(Rajkumar announces the telephone number and addresses of the locations where poojas are going to be held in the next few days.)

Rajkumar: Let Gods blessings be with you all. Thank you.

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